Music Video : GLEE “Live While We’re Young” Cover

So I know this is a year old and isn’t exactly a music video per say since it’s a video of a performance taken from a show, but to go along with my earlier Grant Gustin post, I felt like posting this.

I love this performance (I’ve watched it at least 6 times yesterday alone) and I loved Grant as Sebastian Smythe. As great as it is seeing him staring in his own show, I hope Grant is on Glee this next season for an episode (since it’s apparently going to be the last) and do at least one more performance.


#MCM – 10 Reasons Why I Love Grant Gustin


Ever since he was cast as Sebastian Smythe on Glee, I’ve loved Grant Gustin. At first I didn’t know what it was about him, I hadn’t gotten this giddy over a celebrity since Brendon Urie or One Direction and those had both been the year before he first came on the scene. My mom never liked him that much, she never thought he was attractive (she always preferred Darren Criss) and for whatever reason it made me like him more because I didn’t like him being attacked. I would watch Glee and wait for his scenes and if they didn’t come, I would be satisfied with the show, but there would always be the little thing missing.

When the Warblers were sent off Glee because Blaine decided to go to Kurt’s school, I was devastated. I wanted Sebastian to go with him. I was begging for Sebastian to go with him. But in the end, Sebastian Smythe stayed at Dalton Academy.

But thanks to those 7 episodes I was introduced to Grant and now, finally, Grant is starring in a show so I get to see him every week once again.

Anyway, reasons why I love him.

  2. He’s uber talented (singing, dancing, acting) which brings me to my next point.
  3. I have a thing for theater guys and Grant has grown up doing theater and dancing. Before he was on Glee, he had a few acting jobs, the most important one in my mind being his role of Baby John in the Broadway Revival tour of West Side Story
  4. *Insert every cute picture of him here including the ones of him dressed as Waldo which I seem to be mB02kMc_CAAIgVtbissing.*
  5. His love of Superman is so endearing. It’s kinda “nerdy” but so cute! Grant wore his Superman cape to his interview with The View on Friday and my God was it cute.
  6. I can call him cute as much as I want because he’s so cute.
  7. I know it wasn’t really his choice obviously, but while on Glee the Warblers covered “Live While We’re Young” by One Direction (which is one of my favorite songs by them still) and he sounded great on it. It was the perfect mix of two of one of my favorite actors and one of my favorite bands.
  8. I’m in love with his new character, Barry Allen. To begin with the character is easy to love, but Grant brings life to him just B1PgwqnIQAAVqf4as I had hoped he would. He’s awkward and nervous but it’s so (here I go again) cute.
  9. Grant’s a tenor. I love tenors.
  10. Grant’s my little cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure.

I think the most you get out of this list is that I think Grant Gustin is incredibly cute because, well, he is. Basically, while everyone obsesses over Dylan O’Brien (I am too, don’t get me wrong), I’m obsessing over how cute Grant is.

You can catch Grant in CW’s The Flash Tuesday nights at 8pm est.


Sorry for shouting and I know, I’m being one of those people who get excited over Christmas far earlier than the average person. But for whatever reason I’m excited for everything this year so far. 17 is such an insignificant birthday compared to 16 (legal to drive) and 18 (legal adult but still can’t drink).

I honestly have no idea why but Christmas sounds great this year. Maybe it’s the possibility that this could possibly be my last christmas at home for a while depending on my college choices. Maybe it’s the off and on confidence I have about being single all year round and especially during the holidays because, you know, it’s cold, I like gifts and my mom has cut off my hot chocolate intake cold turkey.

Or it could be that I’m just happier. I’m out of a huge rut and I guess I just want to celebrate it and scream it to the world that I’m ok. Everything feels like it’s the end of the world when I have college applications and one half of our school newspaper resting on my shoulders, but it’s… not. I’m a senior and I have so much ahead of me I just have to find the right path for me. And finally I feel like I’m on my way there.

Anyone can get there, really. All it takes is a bit of positive goal thinking and then how to get there. Without the planning, the goals are only dreams and may never manifest themselves. They each deserve their own time to sculpt and develop.

Overdue Update: #100HappyDays

In the middle of eating the last cherry tootsie roll (saddest part of my day besides still being sick), I realized something – I had never done an update on my 100 Happy Days challenge.

I posted about it months ago here, but for a refresher, the goal of the campaign was to see if people can be happy 100 days in a row, which I thought was a great idea.

I started my 100 Happy Days on January 20 and managed to get to day sixteen… kind of (sixteen days, but ten photos). I might have skipped around a bit, but still, point is, the challenge actually made me happier for a period of time. I went through the rest of the school feeling far more up beat than I had previously. Even though I couldn’t get through it, I feel it’s a worthwhile challenge for anyone and everyone, especially those in a rut.

For more information and to sign up, go to the 100 Happy Days website.

My photos from the challenge (all can be found on my instagram):

PicMonkey Col

#HeforShe, Feminism and the need to continue

In the past few months I’ve felt the desire to educate myself on topics I previously had been interested in, but never knew much. One, in particular, was feminism.

Now I had always been about women’s rights and equality, but I had never paid attention to the word “feminism” until one of my anti-feminist friends brought it up in the middle of a rant back when I was about 14/15. She asked me if I was and I wasn’t sure. Was I? I mean, I was raised pro choice and being told that women had made strives but were still fighting for fair pay. I didn’t know about oversexualization, the term “sexual harassment” didn’t exist in my vocabulary until seventh grade and double standards didn’t show up until ninth grade, but it didn’t even really register for another year or more. So being a 14 year old on the spot, I said, “I don’t hate them, but I just don’t like the ones that don’t shave.”

I was shaming women for their personal choices and I still didn’t see the need of feminism. I was clueless, but nonetheless feminism came naturally with my upbringing, though my parents contradict some of the views I’ve developed (I blame the age gap and major generation separation honestly). It just kinda happened, one day I was clueless and the next I was realizing how important it was to stop blaming the victim and work towards gender equality. One night my mom and I stayed up to watch a full documentary of the beginning’s of the feminist movement and that just sealed my fate.

I saw nothing wrong with it, I couldn’t understand why so many people were against feminism, something fighting for gender equality.

Fast forward to this summer and I suddenly realize just how degraded women are in many cases. Women are oversexualized constantly: our legs, our butts, our nipples – all of it. The Free the Nipple Movement and numerous discussions with a friend in english brought me to the solid conclusion that I don’t care which way it goes, but I want full nipple equality for both sexes. Either censor men’s nips or let women be free. Pretty simple, but still controversial. Noticing the oversexualization of men was a bit harder, but thanks to Twitter, was made apparent. Also Twitter made it very apparent that there’s so much more important things regarding feminism to worry about than just showing a nipple.

I guess what I’m really getting at is, I’ve been on the path of educating myself for a while now and I’m feeling amazing about where it’s going. The world is also taking an odd turn of events.

In the past week many celebrity men and thousands of men around the world have taken the pledge and shown their support for He For She, a movement that’s main points are you can’t have gender equality without having both genders on board for change. Emma Watson has brought the campaign to the forefront every since her speech regarding feminism to the UN Conference.


Harry Styles, Logan Lerman and many others have already shown they’re support so far. Taylor Swift has also renounced feminism recently, though being a past feminist-phobic.

I think this is great. People are starting to see that gender equality is a necessary thing in all parts of the world for all races and every gender and every sexuality. And hopefully we’re on our way there.

Time to Revamp…. Again

I feel it’s time for a revamp.

Yes, another revamp.

I am currently sat at my computer in my own little world while my mom is in kitchen, about 20 feet to my right, watching an 80s movie and my dad is in the living room, about 10 feet in front of me, watching a show on cars or boating or maybe a boating family or none of the above, who knows. I’ve lived in the same house my entire life. Hell, I was born in the very bedroom I sleep in now. This house is my home. It couldn’t be more of a home if it tried. But something feels off now. And it’s not that the floors boards are uneven in the kitchen or that we keep busting holes in the floor upstairs.

It’s me. I’m off, I’m growing up and changing.

Just last month on the 31st, I turned 17. I became a nice, ripe 17 year old with dreams and aspirations and no set ways on how to get there. I’ll be starting my last year of high school in just a few days and now I have to really crack down on this whole “future” thing.

About a week and a half ago, it was about 1:30 am and I was the last one up in my house, as I am every night. It was arThis particular night I decided not to go back into the kitchen and watch tv like I had for the past week. Instead I stood behind my computer chair and took a look around at the dark room. Beside the door were posters and things that had been there since I was three. Above the book shelf was a collage of flower clippings I had made when I was six. The “Grammy” my dad and I made for my fourth grade project sat on the bottom of the two shelves. The first bio I had ever written for my first play was up right behind the tv. The bio of picture from last summer of my most amazing and favorite show I’ve ever done, CATS, was above two paintings higher up. And hanging over one corner of the tv was my old snow leopard stuffed animal. Pictures of me and little things I’ve made scatter a shelf in the dining room. I’ve made memory after memory in this house, starting with the strawberry cheesecake my mom made for my third birthday to getting my first rejection over text. I’ve lived in this house. And on this night I realized that sooner or later I’ll be leaving this house.

I’m growing up, moving on and branching out. I want to live in New York, New York. I want to have a life of my own with relationships and fun. I just want to live life. But by moving on and living life, I have to let go (the hardest part).

All of this really got me thinking about my blog and IFB got me thinking about my blog as a brand. Originally I was the The Fashion Outcast, which was like giving my self a nickname though it was kind of cute, different and keyword friendly. Now I’m Rose Petal Rebel but this time I don’t have a reason and I’m not sure about it as a brand. I’m not even a very big fan of roses, if I’m being honest. Only champagne, light pink and red and white bi-color roses. And then I’m not exactly a rebel. I sometimes rebel against my parents and I guess my school work, but most of the time I just follow the rules. The name just doesn’t work for me anymore, I need something that can grow with me. The problem is I don’t exactly know what that name would be yet.

Thing is, I’m a student, first and foremost. I’m a senior in high school and I will (hopefully) be attending college in the fall. Being a student probably affects my life more than anything; I mean, my life, unintentionally really, revolves around school: I wake up in the morning and schedule everything so I can make it out but 7:10, then I go through the day and go home to do my homework and schedule the rest of my night so I can get to bed at a good time so I’m not dead tired in the morning. All my free time is based around school. I am student first and foremost and I’ll be a student for another 5 years, give or take.

And that’s ultimately why I need something different, something that can actually grow with me and if somewhere down the line I have to change again, so be it but right now I want something that can last me those 5 years of school. And even possibly beyond that.

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50 Things I Want To Do In My Life

2014-02-04 17.27.54

Hiiiii (here, have a selfie). So it seems like personal life and a loss of desire have caused me to once again become inactive for a matter of weeks. Newspaper class is starting to drain me (again) and I’m really, really tired (I should probably try sleeping proper amounts, but that never happens).

Anyway, I’ve kept planning things and putting them off for weeks so

I thought I should put something out there. This wasn’t really planned, but my Personal Living Skills Teacher gave us a project to make a list of 50 goals, ambitions and things we

want to do. And we were able to decide the medium with which we wanted to present it on.

Well, since I basically live on the internet, I thought my blog was the perfect place.

Hi, Ms. MacDonald, how are you today? I hope you’re doing good. Well, here it is, my list of things I want to do in my life. This was probably the hardest thing to do now thatSo without further ado, I’d like to welcome my teacher Ms. MacDonald to my blog.

I’ve started to rethink the entire plan I’ve had since I was eight-years-old. But, it’s done, it’s here and it’s perfect for me.

Travel to England
Travel to France
Travel to Italy
Learn Italian
Meet my really distant cousins
Go to NYU
Live in a studio apartment in New York
Be in a Broadway Production
Write a fiction novel
Actually complete this list
Learn to bake
Go to Warped Tour 3 times
Work at Alternative Press
Contribute to Vogue
Live to see gay marriage legalized in 43 states
Own a pet rabbit
Own a home or an apartment in the UK
Travel to Japan
Go to Cedar Point
Attend New York Fashion Week
Attend London Fashion Week
Meet Panic! at the Disco
Meet All Time Low
Meet Lady Gaga
Go to a Bring Me the Horizon concert
Learn how to properly curl my hair
Learn how to sew
Go to an Arctic Monkeys Concert
Travel to Germany


Learn how to skateboard
Go to Disneyland
Host the VMAs
Attend a Vivienne Westwood fashion show
Own a Alexander McQueen gown
Meet Demi Lovato
Attend a Marina and the Diamonds concert
Contribute to Rolling Stone
Meet Miley Cyrus
Study Abroad for a year
Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
Go to Rome2014-02-10 16.15.58See Dream Girls live
See The Book of Mormon live
Dye my hair
Get a tattoo
Pierce my nose
Attend a Marc Jacobs fashion show
Contribute to W Magazine
Travel to Greece
Go bungee jumping

And that’s my list.

Music Video: Mika – Elle Me Dit

Two years ago I took French class knowing that I should probably have it to go to a good college and I wanted to go to Paris one day so I should probably know the language, right? Well, little did I know that the only thing that I would really take from that class due to my selective memory is not any of the words or phrases, but the music videos that my teacher showed us.

This video was one of many, but it stuck with me due to being so silly and whimsical. It always manages to put a smile on my face and I hope you enjoy it to!

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