Time to Revamp…. Again

I feel it’s time for a revamp.

Yes, another revamp.

I am currently sat at my computer in my own little world while my mom is in kitchen, about 20 feet to my right, watching an 80s movie and my dad is in the living room, about 10 feet in front of me, watching a show on cars or boating or maybe a boating family or none of the above, who knows. I’ve lived in the same house my entire life. Hell, I was born in the very bedroom I sleep in now. This house is my home. It couldn’t be more of a home if it tried. But something feels off now. And it’s not that the floors boards are uneven in the kitchen or that we keep busting holes in the floor upstairs.

It’s me. I’m off, I’m growing up and changing.

Just last month on the 31st, I turned 17. I became a nice, ripe 17 year old with dreams and aspirations and no set ways on how to get there. I’ll be starting my last year of high school in just a few days and now I have to really crack down on this whole “future” thing.

About a week and a half ago, it was about 1:30 am and I was the last one up in my house, as I am every night. It was arThis particular night I decided not to go back into the kitchen and watch tv like I had for the past week. Instead I stood behind my computer chair and took a look around at the dark room. Beside the door were posters and things that had been there since I was three. Above the book shelf was a collage of flower clippings I had made when I was six. The “Grammy” my dad and I made for my fourth grade project sat on the bottom of the two shelves. The first bio I had ever written for my first play was up right behind the tv. The bio of picture from last summer of my most amazing and favorite show I’ve ever done, CATS, was above two paintings higher up. And hanging over one corner of the tv was my old snow leopard stuffed animal. Pictures of me and little things I’ve made scatter a shelf in the dining room. I’ve made memory after memory in this house, starting with the strawberry cheesecake my mom made for my third birthday to getting my first rejection over text. I’ve lived in this house. And on this night I realized that sooner or later I’ll be leaving this house.

I’m growing up, moving on and branching out. I want to live in New York, New York. I want to have a life of my own with relationships and fun. I just want to live life. But by moving on and living life, I have to let go (the hardest part).

All of this really got me thinking about my blog and IFB got me thinking about my blog as a brand. Originally I was the The Fashion Outcast, which was like giving my self a nickname though it was kind of cute, different and keyword friendly. Now I’m Rose Petal Rebel but this time I don’t have a reason and I’m not sure about it as a brand. I’m not even a very big fan of roses, if I’m being honest. Only champagne, light pink and red and white bi-color roses. And then I’m not exactly a rebel. I sometimes rebel against my parents and I guess my school work, but most of the time I just follow the rules. The name just doesn’t work for me anymore, I need something that can grow with me. The problem is I don’t exactly know what that name would be yet.

Thing is, I’m a student, first and foremost. I’m a senior in high school and I will (hopefully) be attending college in the fall. Being a student probably affects my life more than anything; I mean, my life, unintentionally really, revolves around school: I wake up in the morning and schedule everything so I can make it out but 7:10, then I go through the day and go home to do my homework and schedule the rest of my night so I can get to bed at a good time so I’m not dead tired in the morning. All my free time is based around school. I am student first and foremost and I’ll be a student for another 5 years, give or take.

And that’s ultimately why I need something different, something that can actually grow with me and if somewhere down the line I have to change again, so be it but right now I want something that can last me those 5 years of school. And even possibly beyond that.

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The State of Twitter Address: Sending Hate Over the Internet Isn’t Cute

Hi, I’d like to tell you all a story so gather round with a cup o’ coffee and let’s begin.

Once upon a time I was a young seventh grader who didn’t know who she was and had a bit too much anger and apathy than she knew what to do with. I liked a lot of things/people, but I also disliked a lot of things/people as everyone does. Well, when I was really young and immature. And I had a very strong disliking for Rebecca Black.

For whatever reason I had at the time, I thought it would be a good idea to send her two hate tweets. And I just remember the tweets I sent gnawing at my conscious and I couldn’t get them out of my head. I don’t remember what I said in the first, but I do remember the second and I still feel bad about it. But after being the sender of hate (and deeply regretting it) I don’t understand how anyone could take pride in sending hate or starting hateful trends (and blaming another fandom for it).

Last night, Liam Payne of One Direction tweeted this in support of the Duck Dynasty crew:

And many people, including Youtuber Tyler Oakley, took great offense to it due to the things that Phil Robertson has outwardly said against homosexuality.

Now being a bisexual teen myself, of course I took slight offense to what Liam said at first. I mean, Phil compared homosexuality to bestiality. But then I took a step back and realized:

  • He tweeted Willie, not Phil.
  • He never said anything about their views on homosexuality.
  • The Robertson’s have a very profitable business and always stick together as a family and Liam made it very obvious in a deleted tweet that family is very important to him.
  • A few hours after he had tweeted this and the hate started to pour in, his sister tweeted a fan telling them that he knew nothing about what Phil Robertson had said and he had watched tv for the first time in 3 years. And then these two tweets were the most heartbreaking:

  • This whole thing was blown out of proportion

So I didn’t take offense to it. I mean, he was just watching a show and even if I disagree with his opinions, I wouldn’t become any less of a fan. Jake Bugg, another artist I’m a big fan of, spoke out against boy bands and One Direction and what they stand for an I’m still a huge fan because opinions like this don’t affect me at all.

Ultimately, I think Tyler just went a little overboard and was acting out of emotion and not rationalizing a bit. I mean, why in the world would Liam, who has over 15 million followers, tweet about support someone who is avidly against lgbts (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) when he obviously knows he has a lot of lgbt fans?

Now, the point of this post was sending hate and death threats to either party is ridiculous. Hell, sending death threats to anyone is ridiculous. Both Liam and Tyler are human and are affected by hate, it’s not like they have some magic armor that stops them from getting hurt by things. Everyone is affected by bullying and hate no matter who they are or what they do. Personally I don’t understand how anyone could feel good after telling someone to kill themselves.

And now #cutforliam (which was not started by the one direction fandom) has started just like #cutforbieber last year. Whoever started it is even using the same pictures that started the #cutforbieber trend last year.

In conclusion, self harm and suicide are not a joke.
Sending hate to Youtubers and celebrities isn’t cool or cute.
Let’s all stop hating on each other and just let people live their lives.
By sending hate you’re only bringing negativity into your life.
Stop hating others and start loving yourself.
Spread love and Nutella. Drink some tea.
Keep calm and carry on.

And that’s my whole take on the state of twitter currently.

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2013- the Year of Different

2012 was one hell of a year. I changed schools, came to terms with who I truly was, lost my cat and started up a relationship with my Aunt again. To be honest, it’s been a pretty horrible year.

But the good news is how great I feel about 2013. I have a gut feeling (and my gut feelings are normally pretty dead on) that something great is going to happen with the blog this year because you know what? 2013 is the year of different. The year that different really won’t be so different and it might not quite be accepted as part of the norm, but it will start to be tolerated. I feel so great about this year. I swear, I’m going to burst with excitement.

Now for posts, I am going to start three new sections: Drive-In Cacophony, Icons & Inspirations and Truth is… These will all be revealed in the next week in all there entirety. Also I have officially developed an editorial calendar. Here’s the final product:

January: Theme: Asteria and Change
February: Theme: Ananke and Harps
March: Theme: Coventina and Daffodils
April: Theme: Aphrodite and Crystal Head Vodka 
May: Theme: Nightingales and Apollo
June: Theme: Juno and Pomegranates
July: Theme: Sparklers and Dionysus
August: Theme: Augustus and Morphine
September: Theme: Coeus and Morning Glories
October: Theme: Hephaetus and Nyx
November: Theme: Hestia and Pumpkins
December: Theme: Hades and Narcissus

2013 is based around Greek and Roman Gods and Godesses because I find mythology to be interesting. It has intrigued me ever since I started to learn about it in English in seventh grade. Each month’s theme reasoning will be revealed on the first of every month. This month’s pretty somewhat self-explanatory since January is the first month of the year and people tend to make changes in their live for good or for worse. I chose Asteria because she just… fits. I suppose I should give more of an explanation tomorrow, shouldn’t I?

New Year, (Nowhere Near A) New Me

Graphic via weheartit

I’ve been hearing the saying, “New Year, new me” for as long as I can remember. And in all honesty, I always thought it was a bunch of crap. I look at New Years as a time to reflect on what I have done right in the past year and for everything I could have done better, it’s a time to decide how I’m actually going to do better in the next year. This is the list of things I would like to make improvements on. And this year I really, truly want to keep these resolutions.

  1. Post to my blog regularly. In the past few months that I have started this blog up again, I have created schedules for my posts, but nothing has really made me feel the need to religiously follow a routine.
  2. Tailor my content. I feel that I have strayed too far away from fashion and I will get back into the swing of things.
  3. Get my GPA back up to a 3.8. While I will be focusing a great deal on my blog, I also need to focus on school work. I’ve been struggling this year with Physics (I regret every single day of that class because I could have taken it next year).
  4. Post more personal style posts.
  5. Join a bloggers program with a shop.
  6. Team up with local shops. I feel like I could branch out so much more by teaming up with local boutiques.
  7. Reach my traffic goals.
  8. Take more of my own photography. I hope to get a better camera before July (and even that feels too early because the fact is, I’m broke).
  9. Find a job that I can do while still going to school and doing theatre. Once again, I need to make my own money. I’ve been looking at college and have decided I want to go to Columbia, but the expenses will be off the charts and I need to start saving for that.
  10. Learn how to cook. I am fifteen years old with a plan to move out when I turn eighteen and all I really know is how to make tomato sauce and what it looks like when something is boiling. Honestly, my mother and I are doing me a disservice because I will hardly be able to do anything for myself and I turn eighteen in 2 1/2 years. 2 1/2 years are cooking training is all I have left. (Is it bad if saying that scares me – a lot?)

This post was inspired by and created for IFB’s Project #76, found here.

Finish out this Holiday Season with Shu Uemura

shupromo_landingTo finish out these last few days of the holiday season, Shu Uemura would like to offer customers one last sale through Christmas Eve. This sale goes as follows:

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If you would like a quick look at his products, see the related articles below. And when you’re down there, head over to Shu Uemura’s website to get to shopping!

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Girlfriends

tumblr_maaa2h0YL21r3qz1lo1_500_largeTo be completely honest, I like receiving gifts more than I like giving them. Selfish, I know, but the only reason is I haven’t always been gift-savvy enough to know what to get for people. I haven’t bought my Mom a gift in more than five years, my Mom and I always get my Dad clothes, but he’s so easy to please it doesn’t matter what we buy, and in the past five years up until now, I haven’t really had the friends I exchanged gifts with (to sum things up: they never invited me to the gift exchange discussions and I mean, it would be so incredibly awkward if I get someone a gift and they haven’t even thought about me at all). Now, this may seem like a ‘boo me’ sob story – it’s anything but. This little anecdote is only a reminder of how many countless hours I have not used up standing in front of racks of CDs in Best Buy trying to find the perfect album for my bestie.

So I present to you my gift guide for your girlfriends.

Saying Goodbye to the Sticky Note Covered Wall

Back in seventh grade, I remember reading the ttyl series that I was simply a series of instant messages between three friends that discussed problems, their sex lives, and everything else a teenager talk about. In one of these books, two of the characters were talking to the third about the fun they had jumping on the bed and seeing how many sticky notes they can stick to the wall. Through this book I got a crazy idea: why don’t I cover an entire wall in stick notes? It was a hard task, yet possible and a few hours later I had headed over to Target to buy two packs of five pads in each.

I’ve had this wall up ever since that three to five hour work day three years ago and with my need for an inspiration board, I felt that it was about time I moved on.

2012-12-08 11.13.28Seven feet by seven and a half feet filled to the edge with multi-coloured sticky notes that had notes of my own and notes from my friends assorted throughout. I sure had a lot of memories written on that wall, but I can make new memories with my new board with my new friends.

2012-12-08 11.13.37This was back when I was obsessed with Jeydon Wale and creating characters. 2012-12-08 11.13.48Donni came over and wrote after I posted a Myspace status saying this as I straightened my hair. 2012-12-08 11.14.08And the time I was obsessed with All Time Low, Blood on the Dance Floor and My Chemical Romance. 2012-12-08 11.14.16And then there are the photos from my old friend, Adriana. 2012-12-08 15.15.16It’s actually kind of strange looking at this now since it was written in eighth grade, I believe. It was back when Shannon, the girl who wrote this, and I were good friends. 2012-12-08 15.15.33 2012-12-08 15.18.20 2012-12-08 15.18.43That pathetic period of time when I liked Owl City2012-12-08 15.19.02 2012-12-08 15.19.08 2012-12-08 15.19.15 2012-12-08 15.19.35And I fangirled over Twilight. 2012-12-08 16.51.04Well, this is the final mess I had. All of my hard work done so many years ago in a pile of rubbish that was soon to be thrown away. Just a discarded pile of brights an pastels, written upon and left blank. My entire half-ass job replaced with a new, fresh wall to be done better.

Here is said wall:

2012-12-08 17.04.03Once again, seven feet by seven and a half feet of poster board.  Even more work than last time because I’m more critical of placement majority of the push pins were worthy of a hammer to bang them into their sockets. 2012-12-08 17.01.56Oh look! It’s my baby instagram photo! (Well, it’s a baby compared to the others in comparison of size).


Holiday Gift Guide 2012: The Boyfriend

It’s officially that time of year: Christmas! This means it’s finally acceptable for me to belt out Christmas carols in the middle of Macy’s. And I get to eat food– lots of food. Cookies, cake, turkey, dinner rolls, mac and cheese. I get to scarf down every last bit of it and what makes me even happier is my family makes a ton of food each year. You see, we go to my Dad’s side for holidays and that is a huge family. Thirteen kids are my Aunt Mary Jane‘s and the family continues branching out from there.

Bur with all the wonderful greatness that Christmas brings, the dread of gift giving. Well, at least for me it does. And even though I am extremely single, I still have many guy friends and I always wish I have a guide for any occasion in which I must get a guy a gift. So I present to you my link round-up of gifts for the Boyfriend.

These items are only my picks and what I like on a guy. I hope you can take from this and pick from your discretion. Merry (early) Christmas!



Last Minute Shu Uemura Sale

We all remember my post about Shu Uemura‘s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale just last Thursday, right? Well, I have yet another wonderful sale to notify you of. Tonight until 11: 59PM PST, another 25% plus free shipping is available off of any purchase of $90.

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