On April 7, the Vans Warped Tour Kickoff Party streamed from the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. Initially the set list brought upon nothing more than confused looks, yawns and deep sighs. Going in there were 5 acts I had never even heard of out of the 8 and my expectations were pretty low.

But everything changed when this sick band opened the show. They call themselves Ho99o9 (pronounced Horror) and they were this crazy, messy rap infused with punk duo dressed in wedding dresses, masks, body paint and combat boots. It was odd at first, seeing a group that I didn’t think would impress me all that much by the looks of their starting get-up, but ended up being one the stars of the night. They kept the audience on their toes by getting in their faces and passing the barricade to join the mosh pit with the audience.

They fused their punk-rap sound by their use of soundboards and they’re good ol’ au naturel vocal chords.

Also seeing two black guys take on the Warped scene? It’s fucking sick, I tell you. It’s a rarity to see People of Color taking on the average genres of music for Warped, but when I see a group or an individual, I don’t pass them up. Especially not this band,

This band managed to scare half the audience shitless, create electronic beats I had never heard and ultimately, present something that’s only at its start. I mean, how often is that you see a punk rap group?

Music Video : GLEE “Live While We’re Young” Cover

So I know this is a year old and isn’t exactly a music video per say since it’s a video of a performance taken from a show, but to go along with my earlier Grant Gustin post, I felt like posting this.

I love this performance (I’ve watched it at least 6 times yesterday alone) and I loved Grant as Sebastian Smythe. As great as it is seeing him staring in his own show, I hope Grant is on Glee this next season for an episode (since it’s apparently going to be the last) and do at least one more performance.

Music Video: Mika – Elle Me Dit

Two years ago I took French class knowing that I should probably have it to go to a good college and I wanted to go to Paris one day so I should probably know the language, right? Well, little did I know that the only thing that I would really take from that class due to my selective memory is not any of the words or phrases, but the music videos that my teacher showed us.

This video was one of many, but it stuck with me due to being so silly and whimsical. It always manages to put a smile on my face and I hope you enjoy it to!

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One Direction – Best Song Ever

Whether you want to admit it or not, we all know at least one One Direction song, every single word of the chorus and the name of at least one member of the boy band. How can you not? In a world that has practically been taken over by Justin Bieber and these 5 British boys, it’s hard to avoid them any longer. And I’ll admit, I’ve been following One Direction’s career ever since I first a video of them on the X-factor on Youtube. I thought, and still think, they are wickedly talented vocally.

And sweet baby Jesus are they attractive!

There’s only one problem I see with them: their music really isn’t that good. And this song is no exception.

It’s a cute video idea, with Zayn as the sexy Secretary and Harry as the Marketing Assistant. These boys are smart and know how to make a funny video that people will watch. I’ll also give them all props on their accents because they all managed to do them quite well (though Liam didn’t have any special accent).

The dance at the end was cute, sure, but was it really necessary? It looked like a perfectly planned out flash mob and it almost bothered me how perfect it looked (they were all in their little rows, on their little desks and everything was happy and fun).

Overall, I’m personally in a strange spot with my feelings for 1D. I think they’re attractive, funny, humble lads with stunning voices, but produce crappy music. Their music’s catchy, I’ll give them that.

MKTO- Thank You

Lately I’ve spent my days on Pandora, Youtube and Myspace (yes, I said Myspace; I’m as shocked as you are, promise). And I have also been very, very curious about what has happened to all of my favourite stars from when I was a kid. Before Camp Rock came along, there was a short on Disney starring Demi Lovato and Tony Oller called, As the Bell Rings. And I was always really jealous of Demi because Tony’s character was into her and I was into Tony so I thought Tony and his character should forget about her and he should fall in love with me. I was about nine, mind you.

Well, I hadn’t seen Tony do anything since that show ended and I started to wonder, Where is he now? And so I did my research via Tumblr and I discovered he’s in a new music duo!

They call themselves MKTO and their début song, “Thank You”, is pretty great. It’s pretty much the anthem of every teenager in this modern-day world as we watch the adults argue over guns, the war in the Middle East, the national debt and all else. This is my generation’s anthem.

And I love it.

Talented Friends of Mine

About a year and a half ago I discovered DYPAC (Downriver Youth Performing Arts Center). It’s a youth theatre in Trenton and if you’re ever in the area, you seriously need to go see a show. Everything about them is amazing starting with the founders, to the directors and all the way down to the kids who do the program. There’s a group of people who are all around my age and my Mom loves it, too, since everyone has their stuff together and everyone’s really nice. Doing theatre at DYPAC, I have come in contact with a number of talented people. One of my friends along with having one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard can draw super well, too. I’m pretty jealous of her and her artistic talent that I should have too since we’re like twins and the same person so obviously I’ve been jipped. But anyway, I have a friend who’s a good photographer and a pretty good DJ, another who’s an aspiring filmmaker, two aspiring Disney princesses, a wonderful dancer who hardly sees how talented she really is and now, I have a friend who’s been making beats.

Zack finally started posting his music on soundcloud around a month or two ago and it gave me a chance to finally listen to it. I normally am not the biggest dubstep fan, but his beats are fantastic. I listen to the four songs he’s produced often. And if he can produce an album, well, I might just be the happiest teenage girl who’s now a fan of dubstep.

Check out his song “Light the Candle” below and the rest of his tracks here.



Jake Bugg – Lightning Bolt

A friend of mine turned my on to NYLON while in Newspaper class and my Grandmother was kind enough to purchase a subscription for me. I have spent the past week working towards getting through the entire February issue that featured Selena Gomez. Well, out of everything written on all 148 pages, one thing in particular stood out to me.

There aren’t many genuine, raw sounds in the music business nowadays. Everything is synthesized in someway. Jake Bugg came into my life at the perfect time.

He has a mighty nice folk sound that resembles Bob Dylan. There’s something about his lyrics that makes his song appealing. They very easily could all become teenage anthems if only more people knew of him.

“Lightning Bolt” was the first ever song I listened to by Jake and it immediately peaked my interest. If you enjoy this song, I greatly encourage you to listen to the rest of his album.