Pre-Full Read: Twilight Reimagined

I’ll tell you straight up – when I was 11, I was a huge Twilight fan. I read the books in a matter of about 2 weeks (and it would have been shorter if I could have gotten the books quicker), I’ve watched every movie except Breaking Dawn: Part 2, I had my fair share of Team Edward versus Team Jacob arguments (Edward, duh) and I wanted to be a Cullen. Truthfully, I was over the craze when I read New Moon because the book was literally just Bella moping around and attempting to kill herself every couple of pages so she can see Edward in some form. Also by the time the Eclipse movie came out, I was just going along because I had been on the ride for so long.

However, when I was first read the series, I didn’t see any of the problems rooted within because I was still only a kid who knew nothing about feminism or misogyny and had no one guiding me (to this day, I’m basically still the one who’s guiding my parents along). And so, I blamed Bella for the problems in the story. Literally and not literally.

literally thought Bella was the problem character and was, very simply, pathetic. I should mention that at this time I was still in the phase where I sometimes struggled to disconnect fiction from reality so I saw Bella as a living, breathing human with nothing in her life besides a boy who’s like the embodiment of overcast days and dead flowers. And in the non-literal sense of blaming Bella, I blamed Kristen Stewart for her acting out of the role though I realize now it wasn’t her, but the role gave her nothing to work with.

Never once did I stop and think to blame Stephenie Meyer. I mean, that’s who I should have blamed for the character flaws, the lack of plot outside the love triangle and Edward’s brooding and the fact that I, as many of my friends did as well, blamed Bella for a ridiculous situation Ms. Meyer had placed her in.

Now that she’s trying to go back 10 years to cover up the fact that her book plot structure and characterization were messy, I think she looks incredibly ridiculous. It would have been easier for her to just admit that yes, she wrote a book where she puts a male in a position of power over a female and this female has to be saved constantly because she’s weaker and the only way the female can get out of this situation is by becoming a part of the same species as the boy (but the boy fights back against giving her this equal footing for THREE AND A HALF WHOLE BOOKS until he’s forced to when she’s near death). And then, even when she gives women power, everything is still male-oriented. Overall, the books rub me the wrong way now and now she wants to prove it wasn’t a female thing, but a human thing.

She’s literally trying to save her ass from ridicule ten years after production by doing something that will probably just get her more criticism.

In all honesty, I’m curious to see whether the new book is good and worth the read or if it’s still just following the formula of an already beaten-to-death plot.


UPDATE: The day after drafting this post, I actually picked up the novel and I shit you not – it’s literally the same book from 10 years that now just reads a little better. The worst part is, she changed how the fight scene was written to the point that the visual present in the first version had disappeared and I got a different vibe from it (meaning the female vampire tracker was clearly powerful but was not at the same level of sadism or force as James; but then again, it could have been the over editing she clearly did).

Did I hate it? I don’t know. Do I think it was a good idea or portrayed well? Frankly, no. I think she would have been better off to shelf this idea and release whatever series she’s been promising for 5+ years. You know, prioritizing.

The Fault in Our Stars Dreamcasting

ImageThe Fault in Our Stars is one of my favourite books of all time and recently it has been brought to my attention that John Green’s book, The Fault in Our Stars, will be made a movie. And everyone has their dreamcastings (and many don’t make sense at all). I’ve noticed that a lot of people are choosing actresses that look nothing like Natalie Portman whatsoever (and that’s the only reason why I’ve disagreed so often) and then many people have seen Logan Lerman (whom I adore) as Augustus, but as much as I adore him, I can’t see him playing the charming character (I feel like a horrible person for saying this). So I decided to put together my own dreamcasting because why not?

For Hazel Grace, I see either:

Sami Gayle


Sami currently co-stars as Nicky Reagan-Boyle in the CBS series, Blue Bloods. Basing it entirely from looks, Sami Gayle is my number one choice. As I read the book, I pictured someone with chestnut/light brown hair and big eyes just like hers. She isn’t well-known, which for some reason I like. I feel like there will be less expectations since she relatively unknown (as I mean people can’t compare and can just watch her portray the character).

Emma Roberts


I have absolutely adored Emma Roberts ever since I first saw her on the Nickelodeon show, Unfabulous. From that show she continued on to do some pretty good movies like Hotel for Dogs, Aquamarine, and Nancy Drew, to name a few. I loved her in those movies, but I wouldn’t have chosen her for my dream Hazel if it had not been for The Art of Getting By (2011) where she starred opposite Freddie Highmore. Emma has proven to have the talent to play Hazel Grace and she could very easily have the looks as well.

As for Augustus:

Aaron Johnson


Remember Robbie from Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging? Yeah, well, he’s grown a bit and now he’s gorgeous and has proven that he can act. I always pictured Augustus with soft, brunette waves that sat perfectly on his head, but I can settle for Aaron’s gorgeous curls, too. I honestly just think he’s perfect for Augustus.

Grant Gustin


I have literally spent at least ten minutes arguing with myself over whether he should play Augustus or not. My problem is, I love him 50% of the time, I hate 25% of the time and I really can’t decide how I feel about him the rest of the time. He’s most known for his role of Sebastian Smythe on Glee and even though his character was cruel and an ass most of the time, I think he has the potential. Besides, he’s not a bad actor.

For Isaac, I only have one candidate and that’s Evan Peters:


As a blonde, as a brunette – I don’t care. He’s Isaac through and through no matter what. He’s best known for his role of Tate Langdan/Kit Walker in the television show American Horror Story.

What do you think? These are only what I think and I’m curious how many other castings people have for this movie.