10 Things To Do While You’re Sick

Fun fact: I originally planned to write this article exactly 1 year and one month ago during/after getting my first cold of the season and now I’m actually writing it after getting my first bad sickness of the season (and this time I’m in college taking care of myself).

So with that said – I think I’m in the right place to write this article now.

Not that sickness is that much different in college than high school (except it’s a little harder to get better when walking in the elements or dealing with dorm room temperatures), I just have more freedom and I have to keep myself busy.

  1. Get your work done: You know that long list of tasks you need to complete for work or classes? Or that long list of things you’ve wanted to do for your blog or some show you wanted to watch? Do. It. When you’re sick, you very literally have all the time in the world so make use of that time and get something done. In my sick time, I started a few more Fivver gigs, started looking for work on freelancer.com, played around with Illustrator and scoured through multiple posts about ways to make money.
  2. Have some soup on-hand: Warm food in cold weather when you’re under the weather is a great idea and one that all should try to follow because believe me, you won’t regret it.
  3. Treat yourself to some hot tea: Java City, Starbuck’s and all of your local coffee shops (my personal favorite being The Dreamer in Mount Pleasant) serve varied teas so if you don’t have any of your own, have some made for you. I recommend doing this over coffee because coffee can have after effects such as headaches and potential insomnia which won’t be pleasant when trying to fight off a cold.
  4. Play catch-up: I mentioned it really quickly in #1, but take this time to catch up on your shows. Maybe you’re a couple of weeks behind on “The Flash” and “iZombie” (aka me) or you have a new series you wanted to start or you need to catch of all the new animes this season – either way, you can do it all and then some during this time.
  5. Enjoy the alone time: Let’s be frank when you’re sick you won’t go out partying with your crew so enjoy your nights in. I know  after an eventful Halloween weekend, I enjoyed the calmness and the quiet.
  6. Do your laundry: If you have enough strength to lug it all down to the basement, get the clothes down. The whole process is long and boring so do it when there’s nothing better.  Besides, as a college student, I try to put off doing it for as long as I can but if you use this as an excuse to get it done, you have to use 4 washers every time you go to get it done.
  7. Drown in spices: There is no better time to eat large amounts of spicy food than when you’re sick. The heat itself will help clear your sinuses and it tastes so good.
  8. Create: Pick up a pen and doodle, write a short story, cut up old newspapers and make a collage – keep your mind healthy and feeling good to help ease the toll sickness takes on the body.
  9. Find an animal and make a friend: If you do happen to go out and about, make a new pet friend because 1) they’re super great to have and 2) they’re even better when you’re sick. There are pets used for therapy now and I can say personally from experience, having a pet nearby is very comforting when dealing with your body hating you.
  10. Sleep-in for as long as you can: Milk your sickness for all it’s worth and catch some extra z’s because you deserve it. Also, rest will help you on the road to recovery. Never feel bad about hitting the hay before midnight or hitting snooze for the fourth time after one (make sure you have enough time allotted to get to class or work, though.

The most important thing to do when sick is getting better so for anyone out there dealing with the season’s start of blues (like half of our campus was recently), keep warm and hopefully you feel better soon.


#MCM – 10 Reasons Why I Love Grant Gustin

Credit: http://cwtvsource.com/?attachment_id=1096

Ever since he was cast as Sebastian Smythe on Glee, I’ve loved Grant Gustin. At first I didn’t know what it was about him, I hadn’t gotten this giddy over a celebrity since Brendon Urie or One Direction and those had both been the year before he first came on the scene. My mom never liked him that much, she never thought he was attractive (she always preferred Darren Criss) and for whatever reason it made me like him more because I didn’t like him being attacked. I would watch Glee and wait for his scenes and if they didn’t come, I would be satisfied with the show, but there would always be the little thing missing.

When the Warblers were sent off Glee because Blaine decided to go to Kurt’s school, I was devastated. I wanted Sebastian to go with him. I was begging for Sebastian to go with him. But in the end, Sebastian Smythe stayed at Dalton Academy.

But thanks to those 7 episodes I was introduced to Grant and now, finally, Grant is starring in a show so I get to see him every week once again.

Anyway, reasons why I love him.

  2. He’s uber talented (singing, dancing, acting) which brings me to my next point.
  3. I have a thing for theater guys and Grant has grown up doing theater and dancing. Before he was on Glee, he had a few acting jobs, the most important one in my mind being his role of Baby John in the Broadway Revival tour of West Side Story
  4. *Insert every cute picture of him here including the ones of him dressed as Waldo which I seem to be mB02kMc_CAAIgVtbissing.*
  5. His love of Superman is so endearing. It’s kinda “nerdy” but so cute! Grant wore his Superman cape to his interview with The View on Friday and my God was it cute.
  6. I can call him cute as much as I want because he’s so cute.
  7. I know it wasn’t really his choice obviously, but while on Glee the Warblers covered “Live While We’re Young” by One Direction (which is one of my favorite songs by them still) and he sounded great on it. It was the perfect mix of two of one of my favorite actors and one of my favorite bands.
  8. I’m in love with his new character, Barry Allen. To begin with the character is easy to love, but Grant brings life to him just B1PgwqnIQAAVqf4as I had hoped he would. He’s awkward and nervous but it’s so (here I go again) cute.
  9. Grant’s a tenor. I love tenors.
  10. Grant’s my little cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure.

I think the most you get out of this list is that I think Grant Gustin is incredibly cute because, well, he is. Basically, while everyone obsesses over Dylan O’Brien (I am too, don’t get me wrong), I’m obsessing over how cute Grant is.

You can catch Grant in CW’s The Flash Tuesday nights at 8pm est.

50 Things I Want To Do In My Life

2014-02-04 17.27.54

Hiiiii (here, have a selfie). So it seems like personal life and a loss of desire have caused me to once again become inactive for a matter of weeks. Newspaper class is starting to drain me (again) and I’m really, really tired (I should probably try sleeping proper amounts, but that never happens).

Anyway, I’ve kept planning things and putting them off for weeks so

I thought I should put something out there. This wasn’t really planned, but my Personal Living Skills Teacher gave us a project to make a list of 50 goals, ambitions and things we

want to do. And we were able to decide the medium with which we wanted to present it on.

Well, since I basically live on the internet, I thought my blog was the perfect place.

Hi, Ms. MacDonald, how are you today? I hope you’re doing good. Well, here it is, my list of things I want to do in my life. This was probably the hardest thing to do now thatSo without further ado, I’d like to welcome my teacher Ms. MacDonald to my blog.

I’ve started to rethink the entire plan I’ve had since I was eight-years-old. But, it’s done, it’s here and it’s perfect for me.

Travel to England
Travel to France
Travel to Italy
Learn Italian
Meet my really distant cousins
Go to NYU
Live in a studio apartment in New York
Be in a Broadway Production
Write a fiction novel
Actually complete this list
Learn to bake
Go to Warped Tour 3 times
Work at Alternative Press
Contribute to Vogue
Live to see gay marriage legalized in 43 states
Own a pet rabbit
Own a home or an apartment in the UK
Travel to Japan
Go to Cedar Point
Attend New York Fashion Week
Attend London Fashion Week
Meet Panic! at the Disco
Meet All Time Low
Meet Lady Gaga
Go to a Bring Me the Horizon concert
Learn how to properly curl my hair
Learn how to sew
Go to an Arctic Monkeys Concert
Travel to Germany


Learn how to skateboard
Go to Disneyland
Host the VMAs
Attend a Vivienne Westwood fashion show
Own a Alexander McQueen gown
Meet Demi Lovato
Attend a Marina and the Diamonds concert
Contribute to Rolling Stone
Meet Miley Cyrus
Study Abroad for a year
Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
Go to Rome2014-02-10 16.15.58See Dream Girls live
See The Book of Mormon live
Dye my hair
Get a tattoo
Pierce my nose
Attend a Marc Jacobs fashion show
Contribute to W Magazine
Travel to Greece
Go bungee jumping

And that’s my list.

Happy Birthday Zayn Malik: 10 Best Looks


There’s always been a special place in my heart for Men’s Fashion because let’s be honest, a man who dresses is very, very attractive. Which might explain why teen heart throb Zayn Malik, member of One Direction, is so amazingly attractive. So in honor of the boy band member being named Best Dressed Male of 2013 in a GQ poll and his 21st birthday yesterday, I wanted to countdown my favorite outfits of his.


I honestly love this “racy” outfit, even though it seemed to bother many people. Though I realize that some One Direction’s fan base is young, I like seeing Zayn express himself however pleases because Zayn Malik wears whatever he wants.

tumblr_meox6q71Es1qkvniao4_500 cropzayn wo harry

This Nirvana sweatshirt is my favorite shirt he owns and he always makes it look good whether he’s paired it with a blue button down and black or by itself with beige jeans and a yellow snapback. And the yellow nerf gun in the first picture adds to his quirky personality.


Skater boy Zayn Malik is probably the best Zayn Malik , let’s be honest.


Ok, this outfit is really simple, but that’s really my favorite part about. Zayn looks cute and so young  and so precious back in the days when the band didn’t wear the super tight jeans (*cough* Harry Styles *cough*) they wear now.


On the set for their music video for “Midnight Memories”, Malik looks cozy in all black with his regular smolder on his face (that he barely tries to master and I love it).


Since the boy band member’s t-shirt can referenced back to on X Factor when he told Simon Cowell he couldn’t dance, his t-shirt is cool and playful (just like him). And his cinnamon swirl hair makes this an A++.


The thing about Zayn is he loves comic books and the Power Rangers – he loves the super hero business. His “ZAP!” tattoo proves that along with these sweet high tops. And lets not ignore his wonderful bed head long with an army style pea coat and blue jeans that look a bit treated.


Ok, I lied earlier. I think Zayn dressed looking slick as ever is the best.

2013-11-16 05.56.59

And I couldn’t forget this picture from when he was in Australia for the Take Me Home Tour. Not only do we get to see his great tattoos, but this shirt is sweet.

So basically this sums up why Zayn Malik is best dressed and the cutest 21-year-old around.

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10 Reasons Why I love these blogs

I read a lot of blogs – at least I attempt to. Certain blogs inspire to do different things (Cupcakes and Cashmere’s Five Things posts inspired me to do Three Quote) while others just keep me engaged enough to read through their archives for hours (cough, Joy the Baker, cough).

So for this weeks “10 Reasons Why” post, I thought it would be fun if I pick out a few blogs I love and give a few reasons why I love each. In the end, all of my reasons should add up to ten as hoped.

1. Joy picks out such interesting and intriguing recipes so that every time I see a new post, I turn to my Mom and show her a picture of the delectable treat and ask to make it. This seriously happens at least four times a week, new post or no new post.

2. Her pictures are so crisp that the food looks even better than it sounds.

3. The wonderful thing about Here Comes the Sun is I get a look into a country that is so far away from my own. Australia has always interested me greatly, but I have never really been able to find an outlet to learn about it and Amanda’s first-hand experience is greatly interesting to read.

4. I think you’ll notice a pattern with all of these blogs: I really love Amanda’s photography! Whenever I see one of her photos show up in my Bloglovin‘ feed, it makes me smile.

5. I’ve never really been the type of girl to really enjoy a vintage blog until I found WishWishWish. WishWishWish is wonderfully engaging as well.

6. I love what I get from her blog. As I said before, I don’t follow any other vintage blogs so it’s a new perspective that I like to read daily.

  • StrawberryKoi

7. StrawberryKoi is so unique and has a voice and writing style I find to be extremely wonderful to read.

8. The content of this blog is probably the number one thing that keeps me coming back for more. The writing, photography and content ideas work so harmoniously and so well together.

9. What I love about this blog is ultimately the photography. I have not taken the time to use google translate on their posts so I really don’t know what the anecdotes are like.

10. Because it’s about all food rather than just baked goods so it helps me with my sugar cravings. It doesn’t help much with my food/pasta/anything that has carbs in it cravings. But wonderful writing and intriguing recipes.

10 Reasons Why I Love Zac Efron

Zac-EfronAs my Christmas present to you, I thought it would be wonderfully nice of me to make a post of all the fantastic qutlities of Zac Efron and would put in a much-needed Zac Efron photo montage (because his face is a gift). Out of all the stars in Hollywood, without a doubt, Zac Efron is my favourite.

  1. Zac is probably the most attractive man I have ever seen. He has the most stunning eyes and a cute little smile and his hair is perfect.
  2. He has a very likeable personality. In interviews his very laidback, sweet and, at times, funny. He seems so genuine and all of the fame he has gotten hasn’t gone straight to his head.
  3. He’s so talented! Watching his movies is an experience on its own. I remember him from the High School Musical days, but it wasn’t until he did Charlie St. Cloud that I looked at him in a new light.
  4. He can dress well, very well. Some men don’t always wear a good suit, but whenever I see him at award show, he’s dressed to perfection.
  5. Zac Efron shirtless. ‘Nuff said.
  6. He was absolutely precious during the HSM years.
  7. I like that he tries to keep a lot of his private life private. He doesn’t flaunt everything for everyone to see.
  8. Zac’s eyes are gorgeous.
  9. When it comes to Zac, I’m actual really excited for his next projects or a movie he has coming out because he can do no wrong and he’s always so good.
  10. He seems like a nice guy and it’s not just some at for Tv. I just really love Zac Efron (aka most attractive man in Hollywood and all around great guy).

10 Reason Why I Love Ash Stymest

tumblr_mezsbwg0ki1qctkbgo1_500If you haven’t noticed already, I have a thing for male models. Especially British male models. Ash Stymest hands down tops my list of favourite male models, though. He is the epitome of what I find attractive. I don’t know, just sometimes I wish I actually knew him in person.

  1. I like a guy with tattoos and Ash has great taste in them.
  2. I have this little teensy weensy problem where I find people who smoke attractive, but I won’t smoke myself because that would destroy my vocal cords and I could never do that. Also I think it’s gross… but somehow attractive. Smoking makes me a walking contradiction.
  3. I strangely find it interesting and attractive when guys have one ear stretched.
  4. He’s doesn’t seem to take things too seriously. I remember going through the Ash Stymest tag on Tumblr and stumbling upon an image of him dressed in drag as Amy Winehouse.
  5. Out of all the models I look at daily, he has to be my favourite. His gifs are hilarious and his modelling is divine.
  6. I think Ash is my favourite because of the fact that he is a British model. (I find British people to be far more attractive than American people.
  7. The gif of him cheerleading (yes, that is absolutely a reason to love him).
  8. His gorgeous, gorgeous eyes that tend to draw you in.
  9. His super sexy semi-bedhead look.
  10. I personally think he is an all-around sexy, fab guy.

10(ish) Reasons Why I Love Eddie Redmayne


To be honest, I am a great procrastinator. Really, really great. I put this post off due to lack of inspiration. My original plan was to do this over Glee stars, but no one (including me) really watches Glee any more so why bother? Anyway, yesterday I was going through my old Vogue magazine and there, the first name under contributors, was Eddie Redmayne. I have been intrigued by Mr. Redmayne over the past year though I have yet to see one of his movies (yes, I know, I’m a horrible person for never doing so). But nevertheless, I do desire to see his movies and through gifs and pictures, it seems to me like I have fallen in love with certain parts of him.

1. He’s stunningly attractive. I mean, just look at him. He has the perfect bone structure (yes, I’m one of the girls who think certain male jaws and collarbones; it’s not a weird thing to look at).

2. I have a thing for men with deep voices (which he has), but when any accent is mixed with a deep voice… Lets be best friends.

3. He is in theatre along with being a film star. (I, personally, like theatre actors more than film because I have different respect for both of them.)

4. Eddie is so humble and down-to-earth during interviews. He seems like such a nice person!Eddie_Redmayne_x

5. I’ll admit, I have a thing for models. Especially Burberry.

6. LesMisLesMisLesMisLesMisLesMisLesMis Les Miserables

7. He has such a nice smile.

8. He’s just a wonderful human being, ok.

9. Eddie has the perfect bedhead. And bedhead’s hot.

Ok, so what if I can’t make it to ten right now. I’ll come back to this in a few months and it will be better and full of a little more substance.


10 Reasons Why I Love (and Hate) Justin Bieber

justin-bieber-2012-photoshoots-aol-music-d-560x349I’ve always been in between about how I feel about Justin Bieber. Every year I go through about three to five phases where I switch liking/loving, handling, and absolutely hating him. I honestly don’t know why I still bother. It might be the fact that 80% of people I meet daily love him so very much that it becomes tiring arguing with someone why I don’t like him and likewise it’s tiring talking to someone who likes him about why I like him. All and all, he’s just exhausting.

  1. Justin has grown up a lot in the past three years. I remember what he sounded like, looked like and acted like back in 2009 when I heard his first single, One Time. I was at a school dance at the time and soon as I heard the song, I wanted to know who was singing. I didn’t hear my friend answer so I asked again, “Wait, who is she?” I will never ever feel bad for saying that. Ever. And lets be honest with each other because we’re friends right? You read my blog and I talk to you as if you an actual breathing human being in the same room as me so I think that makes us friends. So what I want to admit is… JB had a baby face when he first started. Ok, there I said it.
  2. His music has gotten better over the years. Boyfriend is my jam, guys. I sing it in the shJustin-Bieber-2012-Billboard-Awards-Red-Carpet-3-435x580ower.
  3. His new haircut. I mean seriously, look at that man with his sexy new do. Mm mm mm.
  4. I can call him a man now because he looks older and is actually legally an adult here.
  5. I get to make fun of his clothing every time he goes to an award show. Seriously, he needs to learn how to dress himself. Some days, he looks great, but others… yeah…
  6. Justin’s pretty funny.
  7. He actually makes an attempt to talk to his fans even though he can’t speak directly to all of them. But he really does make an honest attempt.
  8. He loves his mom so much. Like it’s so precious how much Justin cares about his mom.
  9. He genuinely cares about the people in his life or have been in his life. Usher, ex- Selena Gomez, Ryan, Scooter, etc.
  10. Justin is wonderful and nice enough that I can get past how rude his fans are just to look at his smile. Though his fans are annoying, rude twelve year olds. But Directioners are so much worst, but that’s a story for another day.
  11. He has a cute smile. Ok, I’m done now.
  12. Proper-sized studs. (Last one, I swear)