It’s all coming together

I started this blog when I was 13 in 2011. Since then, I’ve struggled to keep up with this and school and finding my path. I’ve changed names twice and contemplated how I could easily transfer to a self-hosted site.

And now, I’m 18, in my first year of college and I’m in an entirely new place. I mostly know what I want to do with this blog, I know the name I want to be under and my Dad was able to help me find a virtual server so I’ll have no space problems.

What I’m ultimately saying is – I’m going to be moving sites soon. And I will be taking subscribers with me. I’m not entirely sure how everything will work yet, but I’m working out the bugs, starting a new chapter of my life and plan to blog regularly. I’ve been trying to work this out since November of last year but I think it’s finally time.

The reason I’m going through with this is the fact that I miss blogging on here, I want to have somewhere to keep an online portfolio that’s connected to all of my work and, as I said, I miss blogging. So much has changed since I started college and I feel myself changing as time goes on. I also have new things I want to bring in and do but those are all to be determined and ironed out.

This is all going to be a process. I want to be able to keep this with everything I’m doing. I’ve decided on a major in Art with a 2D concentration, for printmaking mainly, a minor in Journalism and an Eastern Asian Studies certificate. I want something to follow my life again and dedicate more time to this again.

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