10 Things To Do While You’re Sick

Fun fact: I originally planned to write this article exactly 1 year and one month ago during/after getting my first cold of the season and now I’m actually writing it after getting my first bad sickness of the season (and this time I’m in college taking care of myself).

So with that said – I think I’m in the right place to write this article now.

Not that sickness is that much different in college than high school (except it’s a little harder to get better when walking in the elements or dealing with dorm room temperatures), I just have more freedom and I have to keep myself busy.

  1. Get your work done: You know that long list of tasks you need to complete for work or classes? Or that long list of things you’ve wanted to do for your blog or some show you wanted to watch? Do. It. When you’re sick, you very literally have all the time in the world so make use of that time and get something done. In my sick time, I started a few more Fivver gigs, started looking for work on freelancer.com, played around with Illustrator and scoured through multiple posts about ways to make money.
  2. Have some soup on-hand: Warm food in cold weather when you’re under the weather is a great idea and one that all should try to follow because believe me, you won’t regret it.
  3. Treat yourself to some hot tea: Java City, Starbuck’s and all of your local coffee shops (my personal favorite being The Dreamer in Mount Pleasant) serve varied teas so if you don’t have any of your own, have some made for you. I recommend doing this over coffee because coffee can have after effects such as headaches and potential insomnia which won’t be pleasant when trying to fight off a cold.
  4. Play catch-up: I mentioned it really quickly in #1, but take this time to catch up on your shows. Maybe you’re a couple of weeks behind on “The Flash” and “iZombie” (aka me) or you have a new series you wanted to start or you need to catch of all the new animes this season – either way, you can do it all and then some during this time.
  5. Enjoy the alone time: Let’s be frank when you’re sick you won’t go out partying with your crew so enjoy your nights in. I know  after an eventful Halloween weekend, I enjoyed the calmness and the quiet.
  6. Do your laundry: If you have enough strength to lug it all down to the basement, get the clothes down. The whole process is long and boring so do it when there’s nothing better.  Besides, as a college student, I try to put off doing it for as long as I can but if you use this as an excuse to get it done, you have to use 4 washers every time you go to get it done.
  7. Drown in spices: There is no better time to eat large amounts of spicy food than when you’re sick. The heat itself will help clear your sinuses and it tastes so good.
  8. Create: Pick up a pen and doodle, write a short story, cut up old newspapers and make a collage – keep your mind healthy and feeling good to help ease the toll sickness takes on the body.
  9. Find an animal and make a friend: If you do happen to go out and about, make a new pet friend because 1) they’re super great to have and 2) they’re even better when you’re sick. There are pets used for therapy now and I can say personally from experience, having a pet nearby is very comforting when dealing with your body hating you.
  10. Sleep-in for as long as you can: Milk your sickness for all it’s worth and catch some extra z’s because you deserve it. Also, rest will help you on the road to recovery. Never feel bad about hitting the hay before midnight or hitting snooze for the fourth time after one (make sure you have enough time allotted to get to class or work, though.

The most important thing to do when sick is getting better so for anyone out there dealing with the season’s start of blues (like half of our campus was recently), keep warm and hopefully you feel better soon.


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