Live Albums: the Endangered Species

More than anything within the music realm, I love live music and beyond that I love good live music. To feed this love, I usually turn to live albums because they’re much cheaper than buying concert tickets all the time and way easier to listen to than your average concert video (you know, with all the screaming fans and crowd singers belting in the background?).

The incredibly unfortunate thing is, barely anyone produces live albums anymore.

Around the time that I first considered this blog post someone I was a fan of put out a live album. Unfortunately in the time that it has taken me to write this post, I have forgotten who it was. However, while browsing through Spotify, I noticed that the only live albums that are ever put out anymore are from Spotify Sessions which is no where near satisfactory.

Live versions of songs are so sick. Like when you can’t manage to go to your favorite band’s tour, being able to experience it through your headphones isn’t the same, but it’s still about 68% as cool as actually being there. One of my most listened to albums is Panic! at the Disco’s Live in Chicago. It was released in 2008, before the first split, and I’m truly so thankful for it’s existence. In 2008, I never would have been able to step foot in one of their concerts because 1) I was 11 and could only go to concerts with an adult, and 2) I was a year away from actually becoming a fan.  The way they edited the album, with the stage commentaries included, makes the album for me. Also Panic! has always been phenomenal live so having this is little encasement of that in high quality is so nice.


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