Every one else go home: Amandla Stenberg and Jaden Smith are killing it at Prom


As the prom season comes to a close with all schools out for the summer, I wanted to take a minute to comment on my favorite moments. Out of all the prom pictures to come out of this 2015 season, Amandla Stenberg and Jaden Smith’s easily beats out the rest.

Despite Jaden Smith having already attended another prom last week dressed as Batman (which was sick), this week’s outfit was a step above with his black suit paired with contrasting white gloves and white skirt and brought back together with black and white Nikes. And beyond having a very solid color pallete, Smith breaks gender CGO-uzCUYAAj19wnorms once again and looks damn good while doing it.

Beside Jaden, Amandla looks stunning in a floor-length golden halter dress with a sheer calf to floor. Her gray/white/black braids look amazing and compliment the colors of Smith’s ensemble. Also her septum piercing and cranberry lipstick/eye shadow duo finish off this amazing look.

Overall, our young, black youth stay winning.

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