On April 7, the Vans Warped Tour Kickoff Party streamed from the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. Initially the set list brought upon nothing more than confused looks, yawns and deep sighs. Going in there were 5 acts I had never even heard of out of the 8 and my expectations were pretty low.

But everything changed when this sick band opened the show. They call themselves Ho99o9 (pronounced Horror) and they were this crazy, messy rap infused with punk duo dressed in wedding dresses, masks, body paint and combat boots. It was odd at first, seeing a group that I didn’t think would impress me all that much by the looks of their starting get-up, but ended up being one the stars of the night. They kept the audience on their toes by getting in their faces and passing the barricade to join the mosh pit with the audience.

They fused their punk-rap sound by their use of soundboards and they’re good ol’ au naturel vocal chords.

Also seeing two black guys take on the Warped scene? It’s fucking sick, I tell you. It’s a rarity to see People of Color taking on the average genres of music for Warped, but when I see a group or an individual, I don’t pass them up. Especially not this band,

This band managed to scare half the audience shitless, create electronic beats I had never heard and ultimately, present something that’s only at its start. I mean, how often is that you see a punk rap group?


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