Sorry for shouting and I know, I’m being one of those people who get excited over Christmas far earlier than the average person. But for whatever reason I’m excited for everything this year so far. 17 is such an insignificant birthday compared to 16 (legal to drive) and 18 (legal adult but still can’t drink).

I honestly have no idea why but Christmas sounds great this year. Maybe it’s the possibility that this could possibly be my last christmas at home for a while depending on my college choices. Maybe it’s the off and on confidence I have about being single all year round and especially during the holidays because, you know, it’s cold, I like gifts and my mom has cut off my hot chocolate intake cold turkey.

Or it could be that I’m just happier. I’m out of a huge rut and I guess I just want to celebrate it and scream it to the world that I’m ok. Everything feels like it’s the end of the world when I have college applications and one half of our school newspaper resting on my shoulders, but it’s… not. I’m a senior and I have so much ahead of me I just have to find the right path for me. And finally I feel like I’m on my way there.

Anyone can get there, really. All it takes is a bit of positive goal thinking and then how to get there. Without the planning, the goals are only dreams and may never manifest themselves. They each deserve their own time to sculpt and develop.


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