#HeforShe, Feminism and the need to continue

In the past few months I’ve felt the desire to educate myself on topics I previously had been interested in, but never knew much. One, in particular, was feminism.

Now I had always been about women’s rights and equality, but I had never paid attention to the word “feminism” until one of my anti-feminist friends brought it up in the middle of a rant back when I was about 14/15. She asked me if I was and I wasn’t sure. Was I? I mean, I was raised pro choice and being told that women had made strives but were still fighting for fair pay. I didn’t know about oversexualization, the term “sexual harassment” didn’t exist in my vocabulary until seventh grade and double standards didn’t show up until ninth grade, but it didn’t even really register for another year or more. So being a 14 year old on the spot, I said, “I don’t hate them, but I just don’t like the ones that don’t shave.”

I was shaming women for their personal choices and I still didn’t see the need of feminism. I was clueless, but nonetheless feminism came naturally with my upbringing, though my parents contradict some of the views I’ve developed (I blame the age gap and major generation separation honestly). It just kinda happened, one day I was clueless and the next I was realizing how important it was to stop blaming the victim and work towards gender equality. One night my mom and I stayed up to watch a full documentary of the beginning’s of the feminist movement and that just sealed my fate.

I saw nothing wrong with it, I couldn’t understand why so many people were against feminism, something fighting for gender equality.

Fast forward to this summer and I suddenly realize just how degraded women are in many cases. Women are oversexualized constantly: our legs, our butts, our nipples – all of it. The Free the Nipple Movement and numerous discussions with a friend in english brought me to the solid conclusion that I don’t care which way it goes, but I want full nipple equality for both sexes. Either censor men’s nips or let women be free. Pretty simple, but still controversial. Noticing the oversexualization of men was a bit harder, but thanks to Twitter, was made apparent. Also Twitter made it very apparent that there’s so much more important things regarding feminism to worry about than just showing a nipple.

I guess what I’m really getting at is, I’ve been on the path of educating myself for a while now and I’m feeling amazing about where it’s going. The world is also taking an odd turn of events.

In the past week many celebrity men and thousands of men around the world have taken the pledge and shown their support for He For She, a movement that’s main points are you can’t have gender equality without having both genders on board for change. Emma Watson has brought the campaign to the forefront every since her speech regarding feminism to the UN Conference.


Harry Styles, Logan Lerman and many others have already shown they’re support so far. Taylor Swift has also renounced feminism recently, though being a past feminist-phobic.

I think this is great. People are starting to see that gender equality is a necessary thing in all parts of the world for all races and every gender and every sexuality. And hopefully we’re on our way there.


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