100happyIn a world where we all go and go and go, are we starting to forget about how important being happy is?

At http://100happydays.com/ the question and challenge has been posed to the world, Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?

Anyone can take the challenge via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (with the hashtag #100HappyDays or any hashtag of your choice) or email. All you to do to start is sign up at the website, decide on your platform and then start finding one thing a day that make you happy!

People who complete the challenge say to be happier everyday and be more optimistic, which are both huge perks.

I have been feeling the toll on me and my well-being. I’m getting sick (at least seems I am), I’m snappy (more than my normal sassy self) and I’m about 400% done with everything and everyone. I know all too well that going through life this isn’t good for me and this is my way of doing it. I’ll be tracking my journey on my Instagram.

Will you be taking the 100 Days challenge? (If so, I wish you a very worthwhile, happy journey towards more positivity in your life!)

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