Happy Birthday Zayn Malik: 10 Best Looks


There’s always been a special place in my heart for Men’s Fashion because let’s be honest, a man who dresses is very, very attractive. Which might explain why teen heart throb Zayn Malik, member of One Direction, is so amazingly attractive. So in honor of the boy band member being named Best Dressed Male of 2013 in a GQ poll and his 21st birthday yesterday, I wanted to countdown my favorite outfits of his.


I honestly love this “racy” outfit, even though it seemed to bother many people. Though I realize that some One Direction’s fan base is young, I like seeing Zayn express himself however pleases because Zayn Malik wears whatever he wants.

tumblr_meox6q71Es1qkvniao4_500 cropzayn wo harry

This Nirvana sweatshirt is my favorite shirt he owns and he always makes it look good whether he’s paired it with a blue button down and black or by itself with beige jeans and a yellow snapback. And the yellow nerf gun in the first picture adds to his quirky personality.


Skater boy Zayn Malik is probably the best Zayn Malik , let’s be honest.


Ok, this outfit is really simple, but that’s really my favorite part about. Zayn looks cute and so young  and so precious back in the days when the band didn’t wear the super tight jeans (*cough* Harry Styles *cough*) they wear now.


On the set for their music video for “Midnight Memories”, Malik looks cozy in all black with his regular smolder on his face (that he barely tries to master and I love it).


Since the boy band member’s t-shirt can referenced back to on X Factor when he told Simon Cowell he couldn’t dance, his t-shirt is cool and playful (just like him). And his cinnamon swirl hair makes this an A++.


The thing about Zayn is he loves comic books and the Power Rangers – he loves the super hero business. His “ZAP!” tattoo proves that along with these sweet high tops. And lets not ignore his wonderful bed head long with an army style pea coat and blue jeans that look a bit treated.


Ok, I lied earlier. I think Zayn dressed looking slick as ever is the best.

2013-11-16 05.56.59

And I couldn’t forget this picture from when he was in Australia for the Take Me Home Tour. Not only do we get to see his great tattoos, but this shirt is sweet.

So basically this sums up why Zayn Malik is best dressed and the cutest 21-year-old around.

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