Book sales, vine and bad time management.

imageThere’s only a few things in this world of consumerism that I actually enjoy buying: magazines, clothes and books. Honestly, there’s nothing else. I have mini anxiety attacks when I buy something. I always think: will this be a good investment? What if I regret it later? What if it breaks? Does this store have a good return policy? What it I don’t get my money back?

And the list goes on.

So when I’m actually giddy to buy something, I jump on it. I haven’t actually had the time to go anywhere since about May since I was so busy with teaching at summer camp and rehearsing for CATS (which in the time I was doing that show, I spent 12-13 hours three days a week plus Monday nights and Sunday afternoons at the theater for six full weeks). My life is starting ro get more normal, but I still don’t have all the time in the world sue to being a high school student and doing another show (I never stop).

In the past few weeks, I keep going to the library planning on getting nothing and each time I have left with two new books. First it was a Fred Astaire biography and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy. Next it was Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys because they were both 10 cents ans I couldn’t pass them up (for the record, I have never picked a Hardy boys book in my life and I have never actually gotten through a Nancy Drew). And THEN, to top it all off, I went to the bookstore two weekends ago with a friend and end up buying yet another book.

I think I might be addicted.

But besides buying too many books and having no time to read any of them, as it always happens every few months, I have also started to enjoy writing and the internet again. I started using Tumblr again and I’ve used Instagram a lot. And Vine’s pretty cool. Not really my regular thing, but it’s nice knowing it’s there for me when I want it.

Overall, the past few months have actually been kind of… nice. It’s nice getting back into the swing of things as they were before without so many distractions as I’ve had in the past. Everything’s mellow and nice and exactly how I like it.

Also just a heads up now- I might be changing my blog name. I love The Fashion Outcast, but I don’t feel it gives me the space to blog about other things besides fashion like books, music, movies and my teenage fangirl life.

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