One Direction – Best Song Ever

Whether you want to admit it or not, we all know at least one One Direction song, every single word of the chorus and the name of at least one member of the boy band. How can you not? In a world that has practically been taken over by Justin Bieber and these 5 British boys, it’s hard to avoid them any longer. And I’ll admit, I’ve been following One Direction’s career ever since I first a video of them on the X-factor on Youtube. I thought, and still think, they are wickedly talented vocally.

And sweet baby Jesus are they attractive!

There’s only one problem I see with them: their music really isn’t that good. And this song is no exception.

It’s a cute video idea, with Zayn as the sexy Secretary and Harry as the Marketing Assistant. These boys are smart and know how to make a funny video that people will watch. I’ll also give them all props on their accents because they all managed to do them quite well (though Liam didn’t have any special accent).

The dance at the end was cute, sure, but was it really necessary? It looked like a perfectly planned out flash mob and it almost bothered me how perfect it looked (they were all in their little rows, on their little desks and everything was happy and fun).

Overall, I’m personally in a strange spot with my feelings for 1D. I think they’re attractive, funny, humble lads with stunning voices, but produce crappy music. Their music’s catchy, I’ll give them that.


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