I wish…

I wish I had my driver’s license.
I wish I lived in New York City.
I wish I knew Aaron Tveit.
I wish July 19th would get here sooner so I can go to Warped Tour already.
I wish I didn’t have the stress of getting into a college on me already.
I wish I didn’t have the stress of doing well on my ACTs.
I wish I had time to read again.
I wish I had time to write again.

Yesterday, June 13, 2013, marks the two-year anniversary of this blog. It honestly baffles me to think that I decided to make this blog only two years ago when I was an unhappy 13 year-old who felt like an outcast to the rest of her school. That’s where my name came from, you know. From my need to find somewhere I could be different and be accepted for that difference. The strange thing about the internet is, it’s one large community of people who vaguely no each other and sometimes things get catty and ugly, but we still all come from the same general place: we all want to be heard. By someone, anyone.

From my years exploring social networking, that’s the one thing that I have taken out of the experience starting with Myspace in 7th grade up until now. It’s strange to think that 7th grade was 4 full years ago and now I’m going to start my junior year of high school which means ACTs and the beginning of scholarship applications.

Time seems to just fly by, you know?



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