Sing me a song…

Sing me a song
of teapots and trumpets:
Trumpots and teapets
and tippets and taps,
tripper and trappers
and jelly bean wrappers
and pigs in pajamas
with zippers and snaps.

Sing me a song
of sneakers and snoopers:
Snookers and sneapers
and snappers and snacks,
snorkels and snarkles,
a seagull that gargles,
and gargoyles and gryphons
and other knickknacks.

Sing me a song
of parsnips and pickles:
Picsnips and parkles
and pumpkins and pears,
plumbers and mummers
and kettle drum drummers
and plum jam (yum-yum jam)
all over their chairs.

Sing me a song –
but never you mind it!
I’ve had enough
of this nonsense. Don’t cry.
Criers and fliers
and onion ring fryers –
It’s more than I want to put up with!

Sing Me A Song of Teapots and Trumpets by N.M. Bodecker

My mom really likes to send out poems and riddles for every holiday possible. This is her most recent one for Mother’s Day and I love it.


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