One Thing I Love: Oversized Sweaters

I have discovered the wonder of oversized sweaters earlier in the school year and now I really want more and more of them. I think I just really love them because of the fact they are so comfortable and if I’m having a bad, bloated day, no one will ever know in an oversized sweater. Forever21 is my current obsession and the main store I shop at, but for this little compilation I looked in every single store I wish I could shop at. Now, I know I’m a little late posting about the trend since it’s the beginning of March, but oh well, it’s still cold in Michigan and I love this trend.


These six are all from Urban Outfitters ranging in price from $44-$115 (though 1, 3 and 4 are all on sale now).

I also have my own oversized sweater which is black and white with a cross on it from Forever21.


These six are from Forever21 and range in price from $19.80-$24.80.


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