MKTO- Thank You

Lately I’ve spent my days on Pandora, Youtube and Myspace (yes, I said Myspace; I’m as shocked as you are, promise). And I have also been very, very curious about what has happened to all of my favourite stars from when I was a kid. Before Camp Rock came along, there was a short on Disney starring Demi Lovato and Tony Oller called, As the Bell Rings. And I was always really jealous of Demi because Tony’s character was into her and I was into Tony so I thought Tony and his character should forget about her and he should fall in love with me. I was about nine, mind you.

Well, I hadn’t seen Tony do anything since that show ended and I started to wonder, Where is he now? And so I did my research via Tumblr and I discovered he’s in a new music duo!

They call themselves MKTO and their début song, “Thank You”, is pretty great. It’s pretty much the anthem of every teenager in this modern-day world as we watch the adults argue over guns, the war in the Middle East, the national debt and all else. This is my generation’s anthem.

And I love it.


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