Drive-in Cacophony: Rebel Without a Cause


I’ve heard people talk about James Dean for years now and I truly never understood the hype. For one, I didn’t know what he looked like until this past summer. I went out for breakfast at a local diner and all the girls decided to hide out in the bathroom in hopes to confuse the boys. On the back of the door was a picture of none other than James Dean. And I’ll be honest, I was smitten. James was one absolutely stunningly attractive man. Anyone with eyes can see that. Then just about two weeks ago while in American History, I was flipping through my textbook and I came across this small section that give a two-page long quick synopsis of entertainment of the time period that section was about. This trimester was all about World War II up until the first election of Obama so of course, there James was looking as cool as ever above an anecdote about his life and Rebel Without a Cause.

After seeing the photo, I knew I had to see the movie, but the problem of getting my hands on a copy became a problem. This past weekend, it was fate that Rebel Without a Cause was playing on TCM. I watched the movie religiously, never daring to get up for a single instant in fear that I may miss something good. And believe me, the entire movie was so good.

James stars as Jim Stark, a troubled boy who has been moved around from town to town by his parents because he keeps getting into trouble wherever he goes. Opposite him is Natalie Wood as Judy , a young girl looking for love from someone, anyone. Both actors were phenomenal in their portrayal, but there was something about James that made him stand out. He was so real, so natural. It was like he wasn’t even acting; he was the character.

James was a natural when it came to acting, he truly was . Everything he did was believable and entirely real. Rebel Without a Cause still lives on today and along with it, Janes Dean has been immortalized in a way. He will forever One of the greatest actors to ever live and one of the wisest minds.


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