Drive-In Cacophony: Like Crazy

Like Crazy Movie_500x500My mom and I both have a thing for  romance movies. She like movies that have a happy ending and make you cry throughout; I like movies that are intimate, written well, and shot well. Like Crazy directed by Drake Doremus is our most recent romance flick. This movie probably pleased me more than her considering what I like. But I did get just about as angry as her most of the movie.

Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin star in this romantic drama about two teens who meet in college and fall in love. Anna is a British Student while Jacob is American. The couple continuously has to for their love for years after Anna overstayed her Visa and gets banned from entering the U.S.

Doremus did a wonderful job touching the audience with this realistic, believable script and well-casted portrayal of this story. I never once fully cried, only got teared up once or twice, but that was enough for me. I felt the emotion fully without crying. And my mother kept ruining every moment for me when she would make some comment about how Jacob was a nice guy or he was smart for doing this or that or she needs to stop and she’s ridiculous (and believe me, this phrase was said more than any other).

My only problem with the entire movie was the ending. It just… wasn’t right to me. I won’t spoil it, I promise. But I will tell you that it’s not what you will expect. At least, I wasn’t expecting it.

Overall, I give Like Crazy 4.5 stars. It’s sure to please the creative, artistic soul, but will leave your heart wanting more and praying that your love doesn’t play out entirely like this (for those not yet in love or falling in love), but I recommend it no matter what this movie makes a person feel.



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