Icons & Inspirations – Hanna Beth

normal_msg-135378511181_largeI’ve noticed a trend with a large amount of my posts – they all seem to go to seventh grade in some way. But I suppose junior high is a time when young teens begin to understand who they are and start going through hundreds of looks to weed through them and decide which ones work for you. When I was twelve, I wanted to be a scene queen. I finally got my own computer which meant I could search through images on google for hours on end. One day I discovered the scene trend and all of the scene queens. I desperately wanted to be one of them. Yes, I wanted to be a scene queen (please don’t judge me too much). I wanted the coontails and the crazy colors and the skinny jeans – I wanted it all.

I still remember all of the times I stood in Hot Topic, staring at tutus just like this one.
For the record, I have been contemplating whether or not I should get an undercut like the one Hanna has in the picture in this picture.

Luckily for me, I had two parents who really cared and would not let me dye my hair in the near atrocious ways I originally wanted to. Score one for good parenting!

Well, even though I was not able to dye my hair or get any of the piercings I wanted (score two because I was way too young back then), I still found a great deal of scene queens I idolized. And I still respect a few of them and and look up to them today. Hanna Beth and Audrey Kitching are still, to this day, two of my “idols”.

Hanna Beth, for me, represents self-expression. She looks stunning in every photograph she takes and I enjoy all of her Buzznet posts. She represents the confidence that I am slowly building up. That’s why she’s a fashion inspiration to me. Gorgeous clothes and gorgeous hair, but her confidence is the most gorgeous thing about her.


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