2013- the Year of Different

2012 was one hell of a year. I changed schools, came to terms with who I truly was, lost my cat and started up a relationship with my Aunt again. To be honest, it’s been a pretty horrible year.

But the good news is how great I feel about 2013. I have a gut feeling (and my gut feelings are normally pretty dead on) that something great is going to happen with the blog this year because you know what? 2013 is the year of different. The year that different really won’t be so different and it might not quite be accepted as part of the norm, but it will start to be tolerated. I feel so great about this year. I swear, I’m going to burst with excitement.

Now for posts, I am going to start three new sections: Drive-In Cacophony, Icons & Inspirations and Truth is… These will all be revealed in the next week in all there entirety. Also I have officially developed an editorial calendar. Here’s the final product:

January: Theme: Asteria and Change
February: Theme: Ananke and Harps
March: Theme: Coventina and Daffodils
April: Theme: Aphrodite and Crystal Head Vodka 
May: Theme: Nightingales and Apollo
June: Theme: Juno and Pomegranates
July: Theme: Sparklers and Dionysus
August: Theme: Augustus and Morphine
September: Theme: Coeus and Morning Glories
October: Theme: Hephaetus and Nyx
November: Theme: Hestia and Pumpkins
December: Theme: Hades and Narcissus

2013 is based around Greek and Roman Gods and Godesses because I find mythology to be interesting. It has intrigued me ever since I started to learn about it in English in seventh grade. Each month’s theme reasoning will be revealed on the first of every month. This month’s pretty somewhat self-explanatory since January is the first month of the year and people tend to make changes in their live for good or for worse. I chose Asteria because she just… fits. I suppose I should give more of an explanation tomorrow, shouldn’t I?


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