Drive-In Cacophony

Drive-in CacophonyThis is a new segment I will be starting. Drive-In Cacophony is based around the old movies that I adore and the movie stars in them along with all the music I can find. This segments’ name comes from my tendency to multi-task so far that at times I’m listening to two songs simultaneously for about thirty seconds while listening to a movie in my other ear and it makes a cacophony of sorts.

Early Friday morning I turned on the television in the kitchen to find Turner Classic Movies on. They had a movie playing that I sadly can’t tell you the name because I never was able to find the time to look and there wasn’t a single star that I knew. And yet, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so very much until my Mom came down from her bedroom and told me to turn it off because she hates watching old black and white movies most of the time. She finds them creepy while I find them magnificent.

I’ve always been fascinated by cinematography though I never has much desire to shoot any type of movie. It’s just not really my thing. Sitting in front of the tv with a sandwich is more my cup of tea.

Later that day at around mid-afternoon, I came home from the grocery store to find my February issue of Alternative Press waiting for me on the kitchen table. Now let me tell you something about my relationship with my APs. To be real honest, I sometimes feel like I’m cheating on my blog with this magazine. Music writing has always been a passion of mine. Only two years ago I started my first website under the name The Anti-Mainstream, but sadly I was not able to update that as often I would have liked and after a year and a half of trying to start it up again, I’ve (almost) given up.

Well, every time I open an AP, it inspires me to start it again which is entirely why I am starting this segment. I am so very, very passionate about music and I am so glad that I have found a way to incorporate into my blog.



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