New Year, (Nowhere Near A) New Me

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I’ve been hearing the saying, “New Year, new me” for as long as I can remember. And in all honesty, I always thought it was a bunch of crap. I look at New Years as a time to reflect on what I have done right in the past year and for everything I could have done better, it’s a time to decide how I’m actually going to do better in the next year. This is the list of things I would like to make improvements on. And this year I really, truly want to keep these resolutions.

  1. Post to my blog regularly. In the past few months that I have started this blog up again, I have created schedules for my posts, but nothing has really made me feel the need to religiously follow a routine.
  2. Tailor my content. I feel that I have strayed too far away from fashion and I will get back into the swing of things.
  3. Get my GPA back up to a 3.8. While I will be focusing a great deal on my blog, I also need to focus on school work. I’ve been struggling this year with Physics (I regret every single day of that class because I could have taken it next year).
  4. Post more personal style posts.
  5. Join a bloggers program with a shop.
  6. Team up with local shops. I feel like I could branch out so much more by teaming up with local boutiques.
  7. Reach my traffic goals.
  8. Take more of my own photography. I hope to get a better camera before July (and even that feels too early because the fact is, I’m broke).
  9. Find a job that I can do while still going to school and doing theatre. Once again, I need to make my own money. I’ve been looking at college and have decided I want to go to Columbia, but the expenses will be off the charts and I need to start saving for that.
  10. Learn how to cook. I am fifteen years old with a plan to move out when I turn eighteen and all I really know is how to make tomato sauce and what it looks like when something is boiling. Honestly, my mother and I are doing me a disservice because I will hardly be able to do anything for myself and I turn eighteen in 2 1/2 years. 2 1/2 years are cooking training is all I have left. (Is it bad if saying that scares me – a lot?)

This post was inspired by and created for IFB’s Project #76, found here.


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