10 Reasons Why I Love Zac Efron

Zac-EfronAs my Christmas present to you, I thought it would be wonderfully nice of me to make a post of all the fantastic qutlities of Zac Efron and would put in a much-needed Zac Efron photo montage (because his face is a gift). Out of all the stars in Hollywood, without a doubt, Zac Efron is my favourite.

  1. Zac is probably the most attractive man I have ever seen. He has the most stunning eyes and a cute little smile and his hair is perfect.
  2. He has a very likeable personality. In interviews his very laidback, sweet and, at times, funny. He seems so genuine and all of the fame he has gotten hasn’t gone straight to his head.
  3. He’s so talented! Watching his movies is an experience on its own. I remember him from the High School Musical days, but it wasn’t until he did Charlie St. Cloud that I looked at him in a new light.
  4. He can dress well, very well. Some men don’t always wear a good suit, but whenever I see him at award show, he’s dressed to perfection.
  5. Zac Efron shirtless. ‘Nuff said.
  6. He was absolutely precious during the HSM years.
  7. I like that he tries to keep a lot of his private life private. He doesn’t flaunt everything for everyone to see.
  8. Zac’s eyes are gorgeous.
  9. When it comes to Zac, I’m actual really excited for his next projects or a movie he has coming out because he can do no wrong and he’s always so good.
  10. He seems like a nice guy and it’s not just some at for Tv. I just really love Zac Efron (aka most attractive man in Hollywood and all around great guy).

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