10 Reason Why I Love Ash Stymest

tumblr_mezsbwg0ki1qctkbgo1_500If you haven’t noticed already, I have a thing for male models. Especially British male models. Ash Stymest hands down tops my list of favourite male models, though. He is the epitome of what I find attractive. I don’t know, just sometimes I wish I actually knew him in person.

  1. I like a guy with tattoos and Ash has great taste in them.
  2. I have this little teensy weensy problem where I find people who smoke attractive, but I won’t smoke myself because that would destroy my vocal cords and I could never do that. Also I think it’s gross… but somehow attractive. Smoking makes me a walking contradiction.
  3. I strangely find it interesting and attractive when guys have one ear stretched.
  4. He’s doesn’t seem to take things too seriously. I remember going through the Ash Stymest tag on Tumblr and stumbling upon an image of him dressed in drag as Amy Winehouse.
  5. Out of all the models I look at daily, he has to be my favourite. His gifs are hilarious and his modelling is divine.
  6. I think Ash is my favourite because of the fact that he is a British model. (I find British people to be far more attractive than American people.
  7. The gif of him cheerleading (yes, that is absolutely a reason to love him).
  8. His gorgeous, gorgeous eyes that tend to draw you in.
  9. His super sexy semi-bedhead look.
  10. I personally think he is an all-around sexy, fab guy.
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