10(ish) Reasons Why I Love Eddie Redmayne


To be honest, I am a great procrastinator. Really, really great. I put this post off due to lack of inspiration. My original plan was to do this over Glee stars, but no one (including me) really watches Glee any more so why bother? Anyway, yesterday I was going through my old Vogue magazine and there, the first name under contributors, was Eddie Redmayne. I have been intrigued by Mr. Redmayne over the past year though I have yet to see one of his movies (yes, I know, I’m a horrible person for never doing so). But nevertheless, I do desire to see his movies and through gifs and pictures, it seems to me like I have fallen in love with certain parts of him.

1. He’s stunningly attractive. I mean, just look at him. He has the perfect bone structure (yes, I’m one of the girls who think certain male jaws and collarbones; it’s not a weird thing to look at).

2. I have a thing for men with deep voices (which he has), but when any accent is mixed with a deep voice… Lets be best friends.

3. He is in theatre along with being a film star. (I, personally, like theatre actors more than film because I have different respect for both of them.)

4. Eddie is so humble and down-to-earth during interviews. He seems like such a nice person!Eddie_Redmayne_x

5. I’ll admit, I have a thing for models. Especially Burberry.

6. LesMisLesMisLesMisLesMisLesMisLesMis Les Miserables

7. He has such a nice smile.

8. He’s just a wonderful human being, ok.

9. Eddie has the perfect bedhead. And bedhead’s hot.

Ok, so what if I can’t make it to ten right now. I’ll come back to this in a few months and it will be better and full of a little more substance.



6 thoughts on “10(ish) Reasons Why I Love Eddie Redmayne

      1. i bet you’d fall in love with him even more! i used to just like him with those burberry campaigns, but after les mis, am totally smithen! hahahah

  1. I love Eddie too! Les Misérables was soooo fantastic!! Best movie I’ve ever seen!! (and lets just say that Eddie didn’t really make it worse) ;) xx

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