Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Girlfriends

tumblr_maaa2h0YL21r3qz1lo1_500_largeTo be completely honest, I like receiving gifts more than I like giving them. Selfish, I know, but the only reason is I haven’t always been gift-savvy enough to know what to get for people. I haven’t bought my Mom a gift in more than five years, my Mom and I always get my Dad clothes, but he’s so easy to please it doesn’t matter what we buy, and in the past five years up until now, I haven’t really had the friends I exchanged gifts with (to sum things up: they never invited me to the gift exchange discussions and I mean, it would be so incredibly awkward if I get someone a gift and they haven’t even thought about me at all). Now, this may seem like a ‘boo me’ sob story – it’s anything but. This little anecdote is only a reminder of how many countless hours I have not used up standing in front of racks of CDs in Best Buy trying to find the perfect album for my bestie.

So I present to you my gift guide for your girlfriends.


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