Review- Cinematics

Cinematics album coverBeing an avid reader of Alternative Press, I am always through the bands they recommend to find myself some new, worthwhile music. Even where I find a variety of bands I like, I still constantly look for more. I guess I’m just never satisfied. In the November Issue, one band caught my eye – Set It Off. That’s actually how I pick out books, movies, bands, etc.- whatever catches my eye with their name wins.

So I decided to do a little bit research on this band. And dear mother of God am I glad that I did. You see, this band’s genre is something that I have never heard of: Orcheastral Pop Punk. Their sound is like nothing I’ve ever heard and it’s stunning.

The first song I listened to on Cinematics was “Distance Disturbs Me”. The lyrical quality was off the charts (plus they’re super catchy). Mix this Cody Carson’s capturing vocals and you’ll be hooked on this band once you get to 1:00. “Dad’s Song”, the tenth song on the album, captured my attention above all. It’s so raw and heartfelt, I felt like I was getting an look into his personal life. I love when I can get a feel for the artist as a person from their music. It makes me feel a personal connection to the music and it always makes me want to come back for more.

Honestly, I can’t even put into words how wonderful this band is- instrumentally and lyrically. Set It Off is definitely one of my new favourite bands.


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