10 Reasons Why I Love (and Hate) Justin Bieber

justin-bieber-2012-photoshoots-aol-music-d-560x349I’ve always been in between about how I feel about Justin Bieber. Every year I go through about three to five phases where I switch liking/loving, handling, and absolutely hating him. I honestly don’t know why I still bother. It might be the fact that 80% of people I meet daily love him so very much that it becomes tiring arguing with someone why I don’t like him and likewise it’s tiring talking to someone who likes him about why I like him. All and all, he’s just exhausting.

  1. Justin has grown up a lot in the past three years. I remember what he sounded like, looked like and acted like back in 2009 when I heard his first single, One Time. I was at a school dance at the time and soon as I heard the song, I wanted to know who was singing. I didn’t hear my friend answer so I asked again, “Wait, who is she?” I will never ever feel bad for saying that. Ever. And lets be honest with each other because we’re friends right? You read my blog and I talk to you as if you an actual breathing human being in the same room as me so I think that makes us friends. So what I want to admit is… JB had a baby face when he first started. Ok, there I said it.
  2. His music has gotten better over the years. Boyfriend is my jam, guys. I sing it in the shJustin-Bieber-2012-Billboard-Awards-Red-Carpet-3-435x580ower.
  3. His new haircut. I mean seriously, look at that man with his sexy new do. Mm mm mm.
  4. I can call him a man now because he looks older and is actually legally an adult here.
  5. I get to make fun of his clothing every time he goes to an award show. Seriously, he needs to learn how to dress himself. Some days, he looks great, but others… yeah…
  6. Justin’s pretty funny.
  7. He actually makes an attempt to talk to his fans even though he can’t speak directly to all of them. But he really does make an honest attempt.
  8. He loves his mom so much. Like it’s so precious how much Justin cares about his mom.
  9. He genuinely cares about the people in his life or have been in his life. Usher, ex- Selena Gomez, Ryan, Scooter, etc.
  10. Justin is wonderful and nice enough that I can get past how rude his fans are just to look at his smile. Though his fans are annoying, rude twelve year olds. But Directioners are so much worst, but that’s a story for another day.
  11. He has a cute smile. Ok, I’m done now.
  12. Proper-sized studs. (Last one, I swear)

3 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Love (and Hate) Justin Bieber

  1. I know how you feel.. for It’s the people he hangs around with, like Chris Brown & some other’s aren’t very good people. But Yet I LOVE his songs! I wanted those pop cute songs again.. not Raphiphop hatelove songs.. But the way he is! HE’s SO CUTE!! though!

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking! His songs are getting much better as he continues growing in his career yet I can’t seem to get past how he dresses to certain events. (P.S. sorry for taking so long to reply to this. I had a few technical problems.)

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