Lookbook Wednesday- 28.11.12

Today was a rather uneventful day. I had originally planned on going to school this morning, but all my plans changed when I just happened to be sick. Actually, I’ve been sick for about a month now and I’m terribly sick of being sick. It all started with laryngitis four weeks ago and everything has spiralled down hill from there. So anyway, I took my much needed sick day and somehow made it through without a bowl of chicken noodle soup (hardest task I’ve had to face, I tell you).

I’ll be honest, I got dressed just for this blog post. I sat around in sweats all day long, like you’re supposed to do when your sick, but at four o’clock I looked in the mirror and said, “I have to get dressed for work.”

Now, one big reason why I got up off my lazy butt to make this post is the fact that my sweater in the picture up there is from Walmart. Personally, I hate Walmart and especially their clothing department because nine times out of ten, it’s atrocious. And then I found this sweater in two different colors. Finding these sweaters strangely enough made me realize something- I shouldn’t be so caught up on where my clothes come from or what size they are. What matters is if it fits well, looks good, and makes me feel great.

So from this epiphany I have decided to start a new campaign called Be At Peace With Your Style. Be At Peace With Your Style is about empowering women to feel good no matter what dress size or body type they have- the definition of beauty is not one certain size because every human is made differently and perfectly in their own way. Curves, skinny hips, apple shapes, pear shapes- If you got it, flaunt it!

So find that outfit (or outfits) that makes you feel great and post a photo of you in it everywhere. Blog about it (post links in the comments), tweet it to me (@FashionOutcast with #stylepeace accompanying it), instagram it to me (@allyinw0nderland with #stylepeace), and anything else you can think of! Send me links on here and twitter as soon as you’ve hit ‘Post’!

P.S. Tell your friends! They need a little motivation, too.


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