Holiday Gift Guide 2012: The Boyfriend

It’s officially that time of year: Christmas! This means it’s finally acceptable for me to belt out Christmas carols in the middle of Macy’s. And I get to eat food– lots of food. Cookies, cake, turkey, dinner rolls, mac and cheese. I get to scarf down every last bit of it and what makes me even happier is my family makes a ton of food each year. You see, we go to my Dad’s side for holidays and that is a huge family. Thirteen kids are my Aunt Mary Jane‘s and the family continues branching out from there.

Bur with all the wonderful greatness that Christmas brings, the dread of gift giving. Well, at least for me it does. And even though I am extremely single, I still have many guy friends and I always wish I have a guide for any occasion in which I must get a guy a gift. So I present to you my link round-up of gifts for the Boyfriend.

These items are only my picks and what I like on a guy. I hope you can take from this and pick from your discretion. Merry (early) Christmas!




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