The importance of our lives.

This past week has been yet another crazy mess. My finals are this week and I’m stressed, to say the least. Last week I planned out so many posts and none got finished (I’ll just save them for a rainy day). As for this week, my original plan was to take all of last weeks posts and bump them up a week, but instead I thought I would address something that has just recently come up.

This current school year was the year I decided to leave Huron since I was absolutely miserable there. That in no way means I’ve forgotten about everyone there and don’t care what happens to them at all. So when I heard about the death of one of our students, I felt terrible.

His name was Jimmy and even though I have only probably had one conversation with him, I, just like everyone else in the school, knew he was a wonderful, amazing kid. I remember when I had Algebra 2B with him last year and I still remember how he always had a smile on his face, each and everyday. He was so nice to everyone always and I honestly feel horrible for the students at Huron who now have to carry the weight of this loss.

This death, as horrible as it may be, actually brought the entire school together. For the first time, people are actually being genuine with their words and they aren’t trying to act like they were best friends with the deceased person. They are admitting small things like “I’ve only talked to him a few times” and such. It’s a relieving sight to be honest.

In the end, this has opened up my eyes and my heart. I am so sorry that such a wonderful person has left this earth far too soon. The dreadful “what-ifs” are starting to begin in my primarily because we were so close in age.

RIP Jimmy Williams, you will be greatly missed.

(The full details of what happened are located here.)



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