Instadiary- Cats, tea, and Alternative Press.

Lately my life has been nothing but crazy busy yet extremely boring. I am currently in a local production of Children of Eden, which I may or may not have mentioned before, and rehearsals have gotten more and more frequent as we get closer to the show (opening night in exactly one week from today ah!). But with all the rehearsals, socializing with people outside of theatre is not an option  at all.

So I’ve turned to Instagram a lot (boring life means I feel the need to document the boringness).

To begin, last Friday I was entirely too excited for a generic salad that I have practically every single solitary day. I think it might have been my very loud, hungry stomach speaking for me.

My cat has been sick for the past year or so and each time I see him curled up in a little ball, I always make sure to stop and say, “Well, aren’t you precious.”

As much as I love fashion, music is another one of my passions (writing about it, at least). Alternative Press is my absolute favourite magazine currently because the writing is great, the music featured is perfect and meets my tastes, and AP keeps me sane (along with food blogs). When my hormones are going crazy every month, I curl up with my teddy bear blanket, a cup of peppermint tea, and the current issue of Alternative Press.

Now, I drink a lot of tea because I love tea a lot. As we near the show, I am continually pushing myself more and more (vocals-wise) and now I am losing my voice with their being strong possibility a sore throat over the horizon. I think 6 cups of tea today is completely acceptable.


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