Um, this is a little awk.

As we all know, the new 2012-13 school year has started. And every teen fashion blogger probably did a first day of school outfit post… except for me. You see, I have had an exhausting first week (trying to make friends etc.) and my Physics teacher is a jerkface. So I had no first day outfit or any anecdote about my day.

Second, the VMAs came and went and as much as I had wanted to do a fashion post, I couldn’t even get myself to sit down and watch them let alone write about it. Personally, I have noticed that music has taken a turn for the worst, which completely and utterly sucks since I love going through different music genres and giving each a try, but everything just sucks right now.

And then I decided, “Hey, lets be an overachiever and take on four news stories for the newspaper while I’m in a show with a bunch of practice and I want to keep up a blog. No big deal. Not hard at all.” But what I soon discovered is, it’s super hard! All my energy has been focused on these stories. In conclusion, my inspiration went out the window.

So yep, that’s about it. Here, enjoy a funny (and slightly inappropriate) picture of my favourite male model, Ash Stymest.


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