Oh My Jonas!

It was 2006 when I first heard about the Jonas Brothers in one of my teen magazines (I believe the one I was reading was wither Tiger Beat or Pop!). They were offering up a date with them and at the age of nine I thought, I want a date with the curly hair one. I found out practically everything there was to know about them within a few months, listened to their music often and talked about how hot they were with my friends. So back then I was your average fangirl. But that all ended in sixth grade when I moved on and my music taste matured though I continued through my Jonas journey by watching their television show, Jonas, but I stopped with one season.

As we all know, Kevin, the eldest Jonas, got married a few years ago and now he and his wife Danielle have a show coming to E!. So since I’m a fashion blog, I decided why not do a little post of their fashion through the years in honour of the new chapter in all of their lives with all three boys embarking on separate projects.


Remember when they were this adorable? Joe and his eyebrows had just made their debut in 2005 along with Nick‘s gorgeous head of curls. And Kevin… I feel like he used to wear the bandannas often, but it was so long ago that I cannot remember.


It seems that 2006 has been lost. Seriously guys, I can’t tell the different between 2005 them and 2006 them.


Let us take a moment to appreciate Joe’s hippie headband. This is my favourite year of outfits for him. His hair looked quite good, his outfits weren’t too young, and he seemed to be maturing little by little.


I’m pretty sure this was late 2007, but I’m pretty positive it was 2008. But from this photo we can tell that Nick is going in a more black tie, yet quirky and young pathway while Joe is clashing a bit and his hair is… unkept. Kevin looks nice and the perfect amount of casual and put together.


The year the boys finally grew up. Personally this is my least favourite hairstyle right behind 2011.



(Ugh, why those shoes Joe?)


Hello Joe’s vankle.

Disclaimer: None of the photos above are mine.


2 thoughts on “Oh My Jonas!

  1. Ever since I saw Hairspray with Nick in it, I have started to respect him a lot more. I was never a fan of the Jo Bros, and I’m still not, but I really respect Nick because he has such a great voice. He really is meant for Broadway. Anyway, fashion wise, I prefer Nick’s because I like the classic blended in with casual. Wish my bf would dress more like that.

    Great post. These guys are fading away from the spotlight and it’s a bit nostalgic to remember them as a group.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. Nick had always been the most talented of the brothers and I am so happy that he is moving on to bigger and better things!

      As for them as a group, I read that they will be performing at Radio City on October 11 and are currently working on a reunion album.

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