The Summer Blues?

It seems to me that I have found people I much lazier and slightly more uninspired in the winter months as opposed to the summer months. But strangely, enough I feel the exact opposite. June through August is the hottest time of the in Michigan with sun beating down a majority of the time. And the thing about sun is that it makes me tired and makes me feel like I should go curl in bed with a good book for a few months (which I actually do on many days). It takes so much to get me out of the house and I have to really like the person to legitimally consider it.

This summer I had a job at a community theatre in Trenton where I worked with kids 5-14 for about six hours three days a week. If kids don’t put you in a sleepy rut after just a half an hour with them, I praise you and dear God do you deserve a large batch of cookies with gold stars iced onto them (if I could bake, I would make them for you). Plus, let’s face it: summer is not a time for sleeping. It should be renamed “The Three Months of Sleep Deprivation”. No matter how tired I am, I don’t like sleeping, I hardly do it, and then I wake up early.

Obviously I need help functioning in the summer. Which is why I created this list of How To Survive the (possibly non-existent) Summer Blues.

1. Go for a bike ride

Since you’re reading my blog you must like me in some way and I guess we could call us friends, right? Do you want to be friends? Well, I hope you do. As friends, I’m going to tell you something I never thought I would admit. Okay, here it goes: I look absolutely terrible while riding a bike. My fringe does not make the wind blowing through my hair look half like as sexy as a super model when they do it. And I get sweaty and gross… Ugh, it is not a good sight at all. But bike rides are so invigorating.

Now I’ll be honest: my Dad and I don’t really know how to bond now that I am getting older. I’ve moved on to what I like (writing, theatre, fashion) and my Dad has his computers. So many nights when I eat late, we watch cartoons together and when we feel up to it, we go for 7 mile bike rides to the park in the morning.

Even though I’ve been close to doing it, it’s near impossible to fall asleep on a bike. Just don’t go to far, around your block will do just fine to wake you up just enough.

2. Take a coffee break

Coffee is one of my guilty pleasures. especially Starbucks. I personally love Frappes in the summer and the buzz that it gives me so I can stay up all hours of the night if I wanted. I sometimes like to think of it as a small saviour: when I drink coffee, I eat less and have no desire for dessert because it’s sweet enough to be dessert! Plus you have to get out of that computer chair to get and it makes the perfect accessory for every blogger.

3. Pick up your favourite book

We all have that one book that we just can’t get enough of and no matter how many times we read it, it will never get old. For me that book is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It opened up my mind and put my life in perspective. It was also a major tear jerker and I sobbed for hours afterwards (I was up until three am or so). But the best part of the favourite book experience is having a little buddy to read with you!

4. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. Just keep swimming all day long.

As much as I hate water since it makes my hair curl up so I look like a poodle, having water running over your body can be both a relaxing experience and an awakening at the same exact time. If you don’t have a pool nearby, be like me and take a shower.

5. Bake something!

Baking is such a fun process especially if you get to lick the spoon afterwards! Bake come cookies, cupcakes, or if you’re feeling daring, a seven layer wedding cake. I’m a perfectionist and I’m OCD, so when I do anything I want it to be perfectly in place. If you’re like me, you’re sure to be awake after piping a cake, I promise.

This is just a few things you can do to wake yourselves up in these months. If you have anything in particular that you do that helps you out of a rut, comment below!

Disclaimer: None of the images above are mine. They all came from weheartit


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