10(ish) Reasons Why I Love Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn at the Baltimore Book Festival
Tim Gunn at the Baltimore Book Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being a fashion blog, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I made a post about Tim Gunn, Project Runway‘s fashion mentor. With his wonderful style and inspiring quotes, Tim Gunn is one of my favourite men to walk this Earth.

  1.  His fashion sense is superb. I have a huge fashion crush on him.
  2. Have you ever wanted a certain celebrity to be your Aunt/Uncle/etc.? Tim Gunn is my dream Uncle since I could go shopping with him and he would tell me exactly what he thought with nothing held back.
  3. From being an avid Project Runway watcher for seven years now, I have witnessed some of the best of Tim Gunn humorous moments. From his “What the hell are you thinking?” faces to his attempt to be hip, I never cease to be entertained.
  4. Another person embracing grey hair. Majority of women thinks it looks bad, but sometimes it looks fantastic to give into grey hair.
  5. How nice he honestly and genuinely seems to be.

So last time I did one of these I was struggling with the last five or so which is why I have decided that when I start to struggle, I’m going to stop straining my brain and quit. Yes, I am a quitter and proud of it! At least I was able to “Make it work” as Tim Gunn always says.


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