Styles for: Going out (Summer edition)


A good night on the town with friends is always welcome and lately the Michigan weather has been allowing it. Now that I have turned fifteen and have discovered a group of friends from a local theatre group that I actually like and live close enough to me/small towns that we can hang out. Wyandotte at night, as I have discovered is one of the most gorgeous Downriver sites I have yet to see.

Now since I wasn’t entirely thinking and I was laughing too hard to even think about taking pictures, I don’t currently have any. But I blunt this will be my last time on the streets of Wyandotte late at night. In the place of my lack of photos (gosh, I can’t apologize enough) I created looks on of what I dream to wear in situations I’m constantly in.

First, a night on the town:

A coffee date:
And a trip to a theatre show:
Hopefully these sets make-up for my mistake. If not, maybe my plans for the next few weeks will! Comment below with your go-to outfit for going out.



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