Fashion Overview: 2012 MTV Movie Awards

The MTV Movie Awards was a great night for laughs, fashion, and Charlie Sheen. Russell Brand looked… interesting, to say the least. Emma Stone was absolutely flawless in an ivory bubble skirt and a geometric black top. She without a doubt tops my best dressed list.

Descendants star  Shailene Woodley, on the other hand, looked like a mess. Her hair was disheveled (come on, you have a stylist for that), but her menswear-inspired Stella McCartney dress and pants looked very nice. I’ll give her points for picking an outfit that gave her body a gorgeous shape.

Charlize Theron, star of Snow White and the Huntsman, looked fantastic in a classicly flashy red peplum dress alongside gray strappy heels. Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games) looked over-done in a Elie Saab bodysuit. As sexy as the cut-outs could have been, the heels with it just destroyed the outfit even further.

Now for my best dressed:

  1. Emma Stone
  2. Tyler Posey-  He was very handsome in a perfectly tailored suit.
  3. Charlize Theron
  4. Chris Hemsworth- Lilac is your color, Chris. Don’t you forget it.
  5. Victoria Justice– Her olive skin and dark hair was complimented divinely by her half white and half yellow dress. Honestly, this is the best she has ever looked.
  6. Emma Watson/Colton Haynes
  7. Andrew Garfield/Andy Samberg
  8. Janelle Monae
  9. Leighton Meester
  10. Steven Tyler- Because even though he looked like he had just stepped out of the 70s and Joe Perry was excessively chomping on his gum (my Mom thought he was chewing Nicorite), he looked as good as he ever has and, in my Mother’s opinion, was the coolest person there and best dressed.

As for worst dressed:

  1. Josh Hutcherson- Baggy, rolled up t-shirt with a small varsity style jacket and overly baggy pants that make him look shorter than he actually is= Big NO.
  2. Jackson Rathbone- Jackson, I love you as a person, I truly do, but please get a suit that is tailored correctly. The sleeves are too long and the entire jacket is too boxy.
  3. Brooke Hogan
  4. The Hilton Sisters- You look like you’re both wearing a trash bags.
  5. Kat Graham– The dress was nice, but not much of a wow for me. The hair, though, was terrible.
  6. Russell Brand- You look unique as hell, but why is their fur around your belt?
  7. Mila Kunis– That dress is not the correct size for you. Either make it body concious or a baggy t-shirt dress. There is no best of both worlds here.

A few honorable mentions were (in no particular order):

  1. LMFAO- No explanation needed
  2. The Black Keys- I don’t even know how to judge it.
  3. Ezra Miller
  4. fun.
  5. Wiz Khalifa
  6. Crystal Reed
  7. Kristen Stewart
  8. Logan Lerman

Comment below with your Top 10s.

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