10 Reasons Why I Love Tyler Glenn

  1. He isn’t afraid to be himself. I read in an article on Live105 that he had been fun of as a kid for dressing differently. Which brings me to number 2.
  2. He’s so unique. Hell, I don’t know many guys who would have the balls to wear the shirt he wore in Neon Trees‘ new video Everybody Talks. Honestly, I am sometimes nervous to wear what I want to school because people can be cruel.
  3. Of course, his hair. It reminds me of another version of Jared Leto‘s hair, which currently is fantastic, too. But seriously, his hair in Everybody Talks compliments his face and, in my opinion, looks perfect.
  4. Because he is a singer, I must mention his voice. It isn’t as soothing as Darren Criss‘, as mystifying as Jared Leto’s, as enticing as Adam Levine‘s, but it is very intriguing and different.
  5. Tyler’s lips: Self-explanatory
  6. His facial expressions are flawless.
  7. His Tumblr (tylerglenn) makes me smile each time I go on it. And a genuine smile is always the best fashion statement.
  8. And his smile is lovely.
  9. The super skinny jeans. He has ideal legs for them and doesn’t accidentally emphasize his… junk.
  10. For being an individual. For having a unique sound. For understanding what LGBTs go through. For being Tyler Glenn.

What do you think of him? Comment below with your honest opinion.


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