Explanation to my long absences.

Hello everyone. I thought you deserved to know why I have been inactive on this blog. From January to March, I was in a show called Back to the 80s. I had a named role and the directors schedule was strict. As a freshman with a role in the school play, I could not mess up and I had to go each and every day. It was insane and the most rehearsing I had ever done for any show, especially a school show. But it turned out to be the best show I have ever been in.

So after that the new trimester started and I had to adjust to that which was extremely easy. A month later, I still don’t have that much homework constantly, but I have had about four papers and another one due May 18 with another on the way. So this is my busy high school life. For the next month (or the rest of the school year), I will attempt to male at least one post a week. In the summer the number may go up because I’ll have loads of free time (and hopefully my WiFi privileges will be returned and I’ll have a Kindle Fire & Ice) so yeah that’s the story. Hopefully that was slightly interesting to you… probably not, right? Right.

And one more thing. Since I might just run out of things to talk about since I have trouble stalking fashion shows religiously, I think I may do a few book reviews (maybe fashion-related) and I’m not sure if doing the fashion in new and old movies would be interesting or not. Please comment with your opinion. It would be greatly appreciated!


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