Oh hi there. Is this the return on Ally Wright to the internet? I suppose so.

Hello everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t updated  this blog in so long. Every time I tried from my iPod, it just did not want to work. And starting high school hasn’t exactly helped that. I haven’t gotten on much. I’ve had to quit the rps I was in (not by choice), couldn’t do any theater, and just had a pretty lonely beginning while admiring a boy from afar. Yes, I sound like I have no life. That’s because I don’t. All I do is complain, write, go to school, eat and just sit around. My life isn’t in it’s brightest moments right now, but that’s fine with me.

To begin with, I miss the people I met at Teen Camp this summer. They are some of the best people I’ve come in contact with for a long time. I on average don’t like many people so liking 14 people was and still is a huge deal. But now that school has started, I’m terrible about getting together with people. Like I love my friend Stephanie, because she’s like my twin, but either I’m busy or she is. It sucks.

Of course I had Homecoming. For my freshmen year and probably the rest of high school, I decided to not buy a dress. Instead I spent my money wisely and got two shirts, two shirts and a pair of shoes out of the deal. Plus the day before the dance I got a pair of combat boots. Which are my favorite shoes at the moment and once I had worn them around the house for a while, I just about wore them to Homecoming instead of heels! But I went with my ankle boots.

I thought I looked cute (kinda awkward in this photo though!)

And I took this.

Oh! I must tell you all about my new hobby! It’s drawing on cat faces and taking pics with it on. I do it like every weekend. Literally, I think it has come to that.


Well, that was a long update. I’ve miss this blog though! Hope you guys didn’t mind. xoxo


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