Fashion is where the heart is.

There’s this saying “Home is where the heart is.” Well, not for me. Simply put, fashion is my hearts desire. And if fashion gets close to home, home and fashion become one. I was over at my friend Shannon’s  house this weekend and we talked about our back-to-school styles. Her fashion icon for her wardrobe is going to be Hayley Williams for every little detail; the coloring, her make-up, even her hair styling. We even tested out the Misery Business video make-up style of two-tone make-up. Hayley had worn a bright yellow and orange combo (which is what I wore) and strangely enough, it looked fabulous. I also tried white and black and it had a fab mod vibe to it. ‘

For my back-to-school style, I want to finally do what I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time! I want it to be London street-style meets a Zac Posen collection with a little bit of Lady Gaga and a dash of Miley Cyrus accompanied by a good-helping of Marc Jacobs finalized with a giant pile of vintage. I hope that last sentence made sense to you.

As for Shannon who’s going Hayley Williams, I think she’s going a bit far. It’s okay to have a style icon, but you don’t need to copy every little thing she does. Like yesterday when we went shopping; Shannon picked out a lipstick the color of a magenta carnation and another that was a pastel pink. I know she wants an out-there look, but Shannon really should look at what looks good with her coloring. I mean, she’s very pale and she wanted a lipstick just two or three shades darker than her. I would recommend a sophisticated red, a glossy pink, or even a mauve. But never wear these colors with spiked hair, studded jeans, super bright eye make-up and band t-shirts every single day. I just hope she doesn’t end up looking like a clown.

But that’s just my opinion.


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