Boho? More like hobo!

I don’t care about the stereotypes about California because that’s all they are: stereotypes. I mean, truthfully, I like New York more than California. It’s just Cali has latched on to an annoying trends: boho. They say it’s supposed to be effortless; it looks like you either raided an old Western riders closet or one of the stereotypical psychics with the long, big-sleeved sweater and a crystal ball. Though sometimes this look can look cute (hello! Seventeen February 2011!), but most of the time it’s ugly (same mag). And their big t-shirts! Now here I’m kind of a hypocrite; I own two big t-shirts. But only two because they were cute. It’s not like my closet is full of them, though.

When I see people wearing these shirts, I always wonder if the have a secret or are they hiding the items they shoplifted from Art Van under there? I am starting to think celebrities are hiding the fact that they -wait for it- ate carbs! If so, they should go around singing “Dirty Little Secret” by the All-American Reject, singing it specifically to their tummies like Brick from “The Middle“.

But that’s just my opinion.


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