Ever wonder what happened to Jay McCarrol?

Remember the guy who won the first Project Runway? You probably saw him again on Celebrity Fit Club. But he’s been creating fashion  like he always does.

But first, let’s begin with what happened right after he won. To begin with, he didn’t except the mentorship with Banana Republic and wouldn’t except the $100,000. yep, he turned down $100,000 to start his own line, but with good reason; in the Project Runway contract, at the time, it stated that if he were to except these things, the Project Runway production company would own  a 10% stake of all his professional ventures.  Later on, they took this clause out of their contracts.

So a year later in 2006, Jay was at Fashion Week with a new collection called Transport. I must admit, I was a tad disappointed. You see, it wasn’t as bright and avant garde as his first show. I really enjoyed his eye for bright colors and AHmazing details. But that’s fine if he wants to change because hey, that’s just my opinion.


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